Tue. Dec 5th, 2023
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Birds- Scientific Names


Humming Bird-Triochilidae Apodiformes


Albatross- Phoebitria Procellariformes

Kiwi- Apteryx Apterygiformes


Black Swan- Cygnus Atratus

Crane- Gruidae Gruiformes


Condor- Vultur Gryphus


Crow- Corvous Corone


Ostrich- Struthio Camelus


Cuckoo=- Cuculidae Cuculiformes


Owl- Nocturnalis Strigiformes


Dodo- Raphidae Columbiformes


Parrot-Phaethontidae Psittaciformes


Duck- Anatidae Anseriformes


Peacock- Pava Cristatus


Penguin- Pentagonica Sphenisciformes


Pelican- Pelecanidae Pelecaniformes


Dove- Columbidae Colombiformes


Eagle- Aquila Accipitridae


Gull- Larus Canus


Pigeon- Columbidae Colombiformes


Swan- Cygnus Coscoroba


Sparrow- Ploceidae Passer


Falcon- Falconidae Falco

Hawk- Diurnus Accipitridae


Vulture- Diurnilis Neophron


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