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1.The Arcot nawab, who was killed in Amber war? – Anwaruddin

2.With which treaty Austria succession war ended?- Ex-La-Shapel

3.Who fought for Karnataka Nawabgiri?-  Anvaruddin and Chand Saheb

4.The nijam nawab, who was under the protection of French leader bussey for seven years:-  Salabat jung

5.The place of second karnata war : – Amber

6.Which regions were ceded to french people by salabat jung in lieu of help:-  North circars

7.The chikagula fauj who challenged the supermacy of french in north circars:-  Jaffaer ali

8.The regions acquierd by french in lieu of the help extended to Muzafarjung and Chandasaheb:-  Coramandal,Villoanur, bahar, Divi,Machilipatanam

9.After the death of Deccan subedar Nizam-Ul-Mulk,who contested to ascend the throne?-  Nazerjung and mujafurjung

10.When did the second karnataka war happen?-  1749A.D.

11.between whom the adayar or santhom war happend?-  Between karbnataka nawab Anvaruddin and French army

12.The leader of maruitius who helped the french governor Dupley in first karnataka war?-  Labordnai

13.To overcome the financial problems count de lali invaded which country?-  Tanjavur

14.The french navy,under whose leader ship faced defeat twice in the hands of British?-  Yashii

15.As a result of vandavasi battle ,which centres were lost by the french?-  Puduchheri,Mahe,jinji

16.Which districts were called as North Circars  during British period?-  Srikakulam,Vijayanagaram,Visakhapatanam,East Godavari,west Godavari,krishna,gunrtur,prakasham

17.Due to  which treaty,the seven year battle was ended?-  Paris (1763A.D.)

18.After the fall of Golkonda ,the north circars came under whose control?-  Mogal Empire

19.Who were the parties  of battle  of  plassey?-  Siraj uddaula and Robert clive

20.Who led the french army in third karnataka war?-  Count de lali

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