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Winston Churchill was the premier of  -Britain

Malaya became independent in   -1957 AD

Ayatollah Khomeini was the religious leader of   -Iran

The Bolschevik revolution occurred in   -1917 AD

In December 1941,Japan attacked  -Pearl Harbour

In 1939,Hitler and Stalin concluded the  -Nazi-Soviet Pact


Hitler’s Nazy party came to power in  -1933 AD

Franco came to power in Spain in  -1939 AD

In 1940,Germany defeated  -Poland

Tibet is presently occupied by  -China

In 1940,Germany invaded  -France

In 1994,the African National Congress won the elections in South Africa under the leadership of  -Nelson Mandela

Operation Barbarossa was launched against  -Soviet Union

In 1937,Japan attacked  -China

In June 1941,Hitler launched Operation  -Barbarossa

The European Ecomic Community was formed in  -1952 AD

During the first World War,America’s President was  -Roosewelt

In 1942,British defeated the Africa Corps at  -El Alamein

In 1942,Russians broke the German front at  -Stalingrad

Pearl Harbour is located in  -Hawai

The Marshall Plan was launched in  -June 1947

The Berlin Wall was built in  -1961 AD

                                                                The Berlin Wall

In February 1942,Singapore fell to  -Japan

In the first World War, Japan allied with -Germany

Phillipines became independent in  -1946 AD

Prior to its Independence,Korea was a Colony of  -Japan

Kenya became independent in  -1963 AD

Indonesia became independent in  -1948 AD

During 1945-52,Japan was occupied by  -United States troops

The Cultural Revolution was launched in China in 1966 by  -Mao Tse-tung

Before independence,Angola was under the control of   -Portuguese

The earlier name of Ghana was  -Gold Coast

The Korean War was fought in  -1950-53 AD

Ghana became independent in  -1957 AD

In 1997,Hong Kong was reunified with  -China

In 1979,Afghanistan witnessed invasion by  -Soviet Union

Before independence Ghana was a colony of  -Britain

The Shah of Iran was overthrown in  -1979 AD

Zimbabwe became independent in  -1976 AD

Before independence,Zimbabwe was a colony of  -Britain

In 1990,Iraq attacked and occupied  -Kuwait

The earlier name of Zaire was  -Congo

Before independence,Zaire was under the control of  -Belgians

The unpopular practice of South Africa was  -Apartheid

The popular leader of Cuba is  -Fidel Castro

Strategic Arms Limitation Treaty was signed in  -1991 AD

During the Gulf War,Iraq fought under the leadership of  -Saddam Hussein

South Africa withdrew from the British Common Wealth in  -1961 AD

Zaire became independent in  -1960 AD

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