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Chemistry Terms  -Glossary

 1-  melting – The phase change from a solid to a liquid

2-methylene blue – a heterocyclic aromatic chemical compound with the molecular formula C16H18N3SCl

3-microcentrifuge – a small plastic container that is used to store small amounts of liquid

4-molecule – a chemically bonded number of atoms that are electrically neutral

5-molecular orbital – region where an electron can be found in a molecule (as opposed to an atom)

6-metalloid – A substance possessing both the properties of metals and non-metals

7-Metal – Chemical element that is a good conductor of both electricity and heat and forms cations and ionic bonds with non-metals.

8-noble gases – group 18 elements, those whose outer electron shell is filled

9-neutron – a neutral unit or subatomic particle that has no net charge

10-nucleus – the centre of an atom made up of neutrons and protons, with a net positive charge

11-neutrino – a particle that can travel at speeds close to the speed of light and are created as a result of radioactive decay

12-nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy – technique that exploits the magnetic properties of certain nuclei, useful for identifying unknown compounds

13-number density – a measure of concentration of countable objects (atoms, molecules, etc.) in space; number per volume

14-organic chemistry – a part of chemistry concerned with organic compounds

15-organic compound – compounds that contain carbon

16-orbital – may refer to either an atomic orbital or a molecular orbital

17-precipitate – formation of a solid in a solution or inside another solid during a chemical reaction or by diffusion in a solid

18-plasma – state of matter similar to gas in which a certain portion of the particles are ionized

19-pH – the measure of acidity (or basicity) of a solution

20-potential energy – energy stored in a body or in a system due to its position in a force field or due to its configuration

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