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History –

1.The first Europeans who came to India:-  Portuguese

2.In which year,Goa occupied by portuguese?-   1510A.D.

3.After Portuguese,who established trade centers in our country?- Ducth People

4.The main centre for the trade centres of Dutch?- Pulicat(upto1689A.D.)

5.The British had to face the competion with whom in the trade activities?-Portuguese and Dutch

6.Who established joint East India Society in 1602?-The Dutch

7.Who found the sea route to India in the year 1498?-Vasco-da-Gama

8. The portugal royal representatives who strived forn the rise of commerce with India:-De Almeeda,Albuqurque

9.The main reason to find out the sea route to India by Eroupeans:-Capture of Constantinople by Turks in 1453 A.D.

10.The base of portuguese in AndraPradesh:-Machilipatanam

11.The business of Dutch people mainly continued on which articles and items?-Spices,coarseclothes,silk and pingani

12.Which was the important base for the british in the east coast?-Madras

13.In which year,was the factory at Machlipatanam established by the British?-1611A.D.

14.The Europeans who obtained the rights to mint thier own coins?-The Dutch

15.The bases of portuguese in India:-Goa,Diu,Daman,Salsetti,Bassain,Hugli and ChittagangV

16.Vasco-da-gama reached which region, first in India?-Calicut (Kallikota)

17.Where did the British establish a trade centre in East Godawari district?-Izira

18.The England Queen who permitted the english traders to trade with oriental countries:-Elizabeth I

19.The British ship which reached Machilipatnam, under the captainship of Rippon:- Globe

20.Under whose leadership english traders entered into India?-Captain Hawkins

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