Physics one-liners for various competitive examinations

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Physics one-liners for various competitive examinations

Welcome to the Physics Section page.

We know the importance of general awareness, GK (General Knowledge) in various competitive exams for aspirants.

We are publishing general awareness notes and study material on various subjects daily.

These Physics notes are extremely useful for all exams including Bank Exams.

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1-The absorption of ink by blotting paper involves___?

2-Why are Metals good conductor of heat than insulator?

3-Most commercial nuclear power plants worldwide are cooled by __?

4-Weightlessness experienced in a spaceship is due to___?

5- Which instrument is used to measure the change in volume of substances?

6- The Potential energy of your body is minimum when you _______.

7-On which principle, transformer works?

8-The velocity of sound in air___?

9-What is the unit of magnetic flux?

10-Acceleration acts always in the direction__?

11-Which is used to initiate fissions ?

12-Radio waves of constant amplitude can be generated with___?

13-Nature of the sound wave is ____?

14-We cannot see during a fog, because of ____.

15-What is the SI unit of luminous intensity?

16-When a red glass is heated in dark room it will seem___.

17-The friction force exerted by fluids is called ___.

18-The sky appears black from the moon because of __?

19-In the visible spectrum which color has the shortest wavelength?

20-The hydraulic brake used in automobiles is a direct application of__?

21-What do we use as a moderator in the nuclear reactor?

22- A simple device that is used to either break or completes the electric circuit, is called _____?


1- Capillary Action
2-They contain free electrons
3- Water
4-Absence of Gravity
6-Lie down on ground
7-Mutual Induction
9- Maxwell
10- of the net force
14-Scattering of light
18-Lack of Atmosphere
20-Pascal’s Law

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