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Lights -Facts

1-The study of properties and behaviour of light is known as Optics.

2-Holography -Three dimensional imaging using interference of light

3-Colour of light with longest wavelength is Red.

4-Colour of light with smallest wavelength is violet.

5-Blue light is most conducive to photosynthesis.

6-Rainbows are formed due to dispersion of light.

7-Beautiful colours are seen in soap bubbles and oil films on water due to Interference of light.

8-Sky appears blue and Sun appears red during sunrise and sunset due to scattering of light rays of small wavelengths

9-Refraction of light and its visible effects are as follows-

a-Stick immersed in water appears bent at the point of separation.

b-Sun or moon appears larger in size when at horizon.

c-Day is lengthened, stars appear to twinkle and mirages are formed.

d-A person standing inside water appears shorter.

10- The speed of light is 186,000 miles per second or 300,000,000 m/s

11-LASER -System of light excitation used in surgeries,printers etc.

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