Science and technology current affairs- January 2, 2023

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Science and technology current affairs- January 2, 2023

  1. According to reports, Twitter Inc. was sued because it didn’t pay the $136,250 rent for its San Francisco office space.

2-The science ministry of South Korea announced on Sunday that the country will spend 6.7 trillion won ($5.3 billion) on scientific research in 2023 as it looks to secure important future technologies as new growth engines.

3-In an effort to increase the country’s footprint in the important industry, the South Korean government has unveiled its long-term plans to prioritise funding R&D and promote 12 key strategic technologies, including semiconductors and displays, rechargeable batteries, and advanced mobility.

Science and technology current affairs

4-According to reports, the Tech behemoth Google has begun to roll out complete TV controls on its Google Home app.

5-Due to high web traffic on New Year’s Eve, UPI-based payments failed, leaving thousands of shoppers stranded. The National Payments Corporation of India developed the Unified Payments Interface (UPI) payment system. It is a method for instantaneous real-time money transfers.

6-Jack Ma, the founder of Alibaba Group, who had disappeared following a regulatory crackdown in China during the country’s tremendous Covid boom, reappeared in a brief video on the New Year and referred to the year as “tough” and “amazing” for the rural teachers there.

Jack Ma

Science and technology current affairs

7-Well-known online food delivery service Grubhub will pay $3.5 million for breaking US consumer protection rules by charging customers hidden fees and employing misleading marketing strategies to boost earnings.

8- The popular weather software “Dark Sky” will be permanently discontinued by tech giant Apple on January 1, 2023.

9-Google has resolved two further location monitoring claims totaling a combined $29.5 million that were brought in the US states of Indiana and Washington, DC.

Science and technology current affairs

10- Elon Musk run Tesla has been charged with breaking US labour rules because it reportedly told staff members not to discuss salary and working conditions.

Elon Musk

11-Dinesh Kumar Shukla, a renowned scientist and former executive director of the Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB), was sworn in as the organization’s new chairman on Saturday.

  • He has been given a three-year appointment.

12-The Atomic Energy Regulatory Board (AERB) was established by the President on November 15, 1983, in order to carry out specific regulatory and safety duties under the Atomic Energy Act, 1962.

13-Rajeev Chandrasekhar, the Union Minister of State for Electronics and IT, ordered WhatsApp, which is owned by Meta, to rectify an erroneous map of India on its New Year’s live-streaming link on Saturday.

  • Quickly removing the stream, WhatsApp thanked the minister for bringing attention to the “unintended blunder” in its response.

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