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Timeline of earthquakes hitting India and Southeast Asian countries since 2001

April 25, 2015:   Lamjung
district in Nepal  receives   earthquake measuring 7.9 on the Richter
scale .
November 23, 2014:  China
receives   6.3 magnitude  on richter scale .
November 23, 2014: Japat hit with  6.7-magnitude  on richter scale in which more than 50 people
were injured and about 10 houses collapsed .
May 5, 2014:  Earthquake of 6.0 magnitude on richter scale occurred
in the Bay of Bengal and tremors were felt across India.
September 25, 2013:  Earthquake of  
7.7-magnitude  hit Pakistan’s  south-west province of Balochistan killing
over 300 people.
April 20, 2013: Earthquake 
of 6.6 magnitude hit  mountainous
area of southwestern China’s Sichuan province, killing around 150 people and injuring  many.
September 20, 2011:  The
earth quake  measuring of 6.8
magnitude  struck Sikkim killing 68
people and injuring over 300.
September 22, 2009: E arthquake measuring 6.3 on the Richter
scale hit   Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan
killing   at least 10 people .
October 8, 2005:  7.6 magnitude
earthquake  has claimed  86,000 people, injuring  more than 69,000 causing huge  damage in northern Pakistan.
December 26, 2004: Powerful  Earthquake of 9.3 magnitude on the Richter
Scale hit countries in the Asia Pacific region, killing over 2 lakh people.

January 26, 2001: A Huge 
earthquake of  7.7 on the Richter
scale hit the town of Bhuj in Gujarat, killing over 10,000 people.
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