General Awareness

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General Awareness -Miscellaneous

1-July 14th is a national day of celebration in what country France – Bastille Day – from 1789.

2-What city was once called York Toronto – by British governor 1793

3-Grevys and Burchells are types of what animal Zebra

4-In what American state do most people walk to work ?- Alaska.

5-Hamburgers were invented in what country ?- China.

6-Eureka – is the state motto of what state ?- California.

7-Clinophobia is the fear of what ?- Beds

8-In 1974 Somalia created its first ever what ?- Written language.

9-What is the birth flower for January ?- Carnation

10-Who said “computers are useless they only give you answers” – Pablo Picasso

11-What country has a Bible on its flag ?- Dominican Republic.

12-What animal can smell a virgin same type from 1.8 miles away ?- Gypsy Moth.

13-What county first used pepper ?- China.

14-What was the first USA TV series screened in the USSR ?- Fraggle Rock.

15-Every year 8800 people injure themselves with what ?- Toothpick.

16-What is the only number in English that has letters in alpha order ?- Forty.

17-What is the worlds largest herb ?- Banana

18-What is the only river that flows both north and south of equator ?- The Congo.

19-What is the most ordered seafood item in a restaurant ?- Shrimp

20-In 1983 a Japanese artist copied the Mona Lisa in what material ?- Toast.

21-What country has the most doughnut shops per capita ?- Canada

22-Poona was the original name of what sport/game ?- Badminton.

23-Who invented Scissors ?- Leonardo Da Vinci.

24-What is the name for 100th of a second ?- A Jiffy.

25-Who was the first African American to play in a NBA game ?- Earl Lloyd.

26-What is the only bird with a fully formed penis ?- Swan

27-What is the official sport of Maryland ?- Jousting

28-The milk of what creature will not curdle ?- Camel.

29-Collective nouns – what are a group of apes called ?- Shrewdness


30-What do cockroaches do every fifteen minutes ?- Fart

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