2024 Current Affairs Questions and Answers

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2024 Current Affairs Questions and Answers

One-liner Questions:

  1. Which country’s government is likely to accept a request to lower medical school enrollment quotas?
  2. How much is the elderly population in India projected to increase by 2050?
  3. What approach is South Korea set to fully shift to regarding COVID-19?
  4. What will South Korea lift next month as part of moving to an endemic approach?
  5. Which agency reported the downgrade of Covid disaster level in South Korea?
  6. Which body in India asked for a review of sugar content in Nestle’s baby food products?
  7. Which company is Happiest Minds Technologies acquiring?
  8. What did Elon Musk comment on the usage of rockets?
  9. What is the Unified Energy Interface similar to?
  10. What type of technology partnership did SK hynix enter into with TSMC?
  11. When is the mass production of HBM4 chips by SK hynix and TSMC expected to start?
  12. Who is the stand-in skipper for Punjab Kings in IPL 2024?
  13. What significant innings did Ashutosh Sharma play for Punjab Kings?
  14. What fine did Hardik Pandya receive during an IPL match?
  15. Which Norwegian tennis player reached the Barcelona Open quarterfinals?
  16. Which two IPL teams played against each other with both having won previously?
  17. What musical instrument did Prime Minister Narendra Modi play recently?
  18. Which temple did the West Bengal Governor visit for peaceful polls?
  19. Who has been appointed as the next Chief of the Naval Staff in India?
  20. What significant milestone has Vice-Admiral Tripathi reached in his naval career?
  21. What record is Indian Railways set to break during the summer season?
  22. How many additional train trips will Indian Railways operate compared to last summer?
  23. How many energy companies have formed an alliance for an open energy network?
  24. What is the goal of the Unified Energy Interface created by the energy companies?
  25. What position did Sam Curran hold in Punjab Kings during a specific match?
  26. How did Ashutosh Sharma nearly change the game for Punjab Kings?
  27. What penalty did Mumbai Indians’ captain face for a slow over-rate?
  28. What achievement is associated with Casper Ruud in the Barcelona Open?
  29. How many times have LSG and CSK met in the IPL prior to their 2024 match?
  30. What instrument linked PM Modi and Mohd Shami with Amroha’s pride?


  1. South Korea
  2. Over 20%
  3. Endemic
  4. Indoor mask requirements for hospitals
  5. Yonhap news agency
  6. National Commission for Protection of Child Rights (NCPCR)
  7. Macmillan Learning India
  8. Rockets should be used to reach the stars, not to harm fellow humans.
  9. Unified Payments Interface (UPI)
  10. Technology partnership in premium high-bandwidth memory (HBM) chips and advanced packaging technologies.
  11. 2026
  12. Sam Curran
  13. 61 runs off 28 balls
  14. Rs 12 lakh
  15. Casper Ruud
  16. Lucknow Super Giants (LSG) and Chennai Super Kings (CSK)
  17. Dholak
  18. Kalighat Kali Temple
  19. Vice-Admiral Dinesh Kumar Tripathi
  20. Nearly 39 years of distinguished service
  21. A record-breaking 9,111 trips
  22. 2,742 trips
  23. At least 20
  24. Create a system for EV charging
  25. Stand-in skipper
  26. By scoring 61 runs off 28 balls
  27. Rs 12 lakh fine
  28. 26th win of the season
  29. Three times
  30. Dholak and fast bowler Mohd Shami

Additional Questions

  1. What significant action did the Indian Institute of Science call for regarding ageing?
  2. What specific mandates is South Korea lifting apart from indoor mask requirements?
  3. How long after the outbreak is South Korea downgrading Covid to the lowest tier?
  4. What violation prompted NCPCR to review Nestle’s baby food products?
  5. What did Elon Musk reference in his statement about rockets?
  6. What is the strategic aim of the partnership between SK hynix and TSMC?
  7. How did Ashutosh Sharma’s performance impact his team’s net run rate?
  8. What was the result of Mumbai Indians vs Punjab Kings in the IPL 2024 match?
  9. How many wins has Casper Ruud achieved in the season after reaching the Barcelona Open quarterfinals?
  10. What unique attribute did Prime Minister Modi highlight about Amroha at a public meeting?

Additional Answers:

  1. Research-based interventions to boost healthy ageing
  2. Some last-remaining mandates
  3. Four years
  4. Violation of health guidelines
  5. Ongoing wars between Iran and Israel, and Russia and Ukraine
  6. Bolstering capabilities in producing premium HBM chips and advanced packaging technologies
  7. It was at risk of being hit by a massive margin
  8. Mumbai Indians won by a narrow nine-run win
  9. 26 wins
  10. Amroha’s dholak got the GI tag and is linked with national pride through Mohd Shami

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