Biology -Various Ecosystems -Biotic and Abiotic components

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Different Ecosystems


1-Ecosystem is a component of biosphere.

2-Ecosystem is made up of groups of living things and their environments.

3-The living things like plants, animals and microbes are known as biotic components of the ecosystem.

4-Soil, water and sunlight etc are called as abiotic components.

5-Several plants, algae etc use sunlight to make their food and are called as producers.

6-Microorganisms act as decomposers.

7-Plants are the primary producers.

8-All plants are included in flora.

9-Producers, consumers and decomposers are the various components of food web.

10-The Word ecosystem was coined by A.G Tansley.

11-Food Chains explain interdependence between biotic and abiotic components in the form of nutrient and energy.

12-Food Chains have three level i.e producers, consumers and decomposers.

13-The producers trap the sunlight to produce food for themselves as well as for others.

14-Consumers get energy by eating either producers or other plant eaters.

15-Habitat is a place where organisms live.

16-Producers-The organisms(plants) which produce food for other organisms or which can prepare food by themselves are called proucers.

17-Consumers-The organisms which depend on other organisms for their nutritional requirements.

18-Decomposers-Decomposers feed on the wastes of plants an animals or remains of plants or animals after they die.

19-Rodents- These are vertebrate pests which belong to mammalia and have an external covering of hair.

20-Flora and Fauna -Plants are also known as flora and animals are also known as fauna.

21-Thermophill -The high temperature conditions which influence the ecosystem.

22-Mangroves-These are the forests that grow the seashore.

23-Nocturnals-Organisms which are very active during night are called nocturnals.


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