Biology -Important One Liners For Exams

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1- The plasma membrane of animal cells is highly elastic. It is mainly due to the presence of lipids

2-A fatal neurodegenerative disease called “Kuru” common in a tribe of Papua New Guinea is caused by prions.

3-Oxytocin hormones can induce “labour” in the pregnant woman.

4-Bryophyte is the plant having dominant gametophytic generation

5-Peroxisomes and Mitochondria pair of cell organelles is mainly concerned with fatty acid metabolism in both plants and animals.

6-The gastrointestinal hormones namely secretin and cholecystokinin secreted by duodenal epithelium activate respectively Pancreas and gall bladder

7-y-globulins is the major proteins involved in the production of antibodies.

8-Bombay phenotype is a type of blood group.

9-Mitochondria is associated with ATP synthesis in cells.

10-Cytokinin, Auxin, Gibberellin hormones helps in breaking seed dormancy.

11-The technique used for the sepration of DNA fragments is Southern blotting

12-When our cells are filled with dead or damaged organelles like mitochondria, ER, etc, The degradation of these organelles is mainly performed by lysosomes

13-Thecodont dentition is found in crocodiles

14-In Salamander and Tadpole pair, both the organisms are ammonotelic

15-The technique of the development of fruits without fertilization is known as parthenocarpy

16-The number of DNA molecules per chromatid are one.

17-The virus was discovered by Ivanowski

18- Organisms free floating on the surface of water body are phytoplanktons

19-Ecdysone is secreted by insects

20-The colour of the bile pigment is largely derived from breakdown of haemoglobin from worn-out cells .

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