History – Important Facts of Medieval India

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Medieval India


1-Qutubuddin Aibak was buried at Lahore after his death.

2-In Udaipur Prashasti, Munj is entitled ‘Kavi Vrish’ due to his literary attainments.

3- Qutubuddin did not issue coins or got ‘Khutba’ read in his name after accession to Delhi throne.

4-The Jain temples of Dilwara were constructed during the period of Parmars.

5-Made in the times of Bhoj, an idol of ‘Vakdevi’ is at present preserved in the British Museum.

6-At the time of his accession on the Delhi Sultanate, Alauddin Khalji assumed the title of Abul Mujaffar Sultan Alauddinia and Deen Mohammad Shah Khalji.

7-The Mongol leader Changez Khan was known as the ‘Curse of God’.

8-According to Barni, Balban organized his Court on the Iranian pattern.

9-Balban’s theory of kingship was based upon—Power, Prestige and Justice. His main objective was to maintain his control upon the administrative officials.

10-The coronation of Jalaluddin Feroz Shah was done in 1290 at the Kilokhari Apurna Palace built by Kaikubad.

11-Jalaluddin Feroz Shah Khalji granted to Alauddin Khalji, the post of Amir-i-Tujuk.

12-Elphinston was the first historian who believed that there was some signs of madness in Mohammad Tughlaq.

13-Mohammad-bin-Tughlaq planned invasion of Khurasan and Iraq but did not carry it out.

14-Diwan-i-Kohi was the name of agriculture department organized by Mohammad-bin-Tughlaq.

15-Kabir who adopted the Gyanashrayi branch of the Nirgun sect, was the disciple of Ramanand.

16-Sabad refer to the composition related to Yog Sadhana.

17-Mixed metal coins were called Partab.

18-Babar again invaded India in 1526, for the fifth time and he did not go back this time. He founded the Moghul empire in India.

19-Babar defeated Ibrahim Lodhi by adopting his trusted war tactics of Tulughma.

20-Babar declared the Chanderi war as Jehad and he constructed a minarate of the heads of the dead Rajputs.

21-Babar wrote his autobiography Tujuk-i-Babri in Turkish language.

22-Babar used Artillery for the first time in the battle of Panipat.

23- Mirza Haider Speaks about numerous qualities of Babar in his book—Tarikh-i-Rashidi.

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