History-Important One Liners-Aug 31

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History- Important One Liners


1- Paleography- It is the old writing used in the inscription and other old records.

2- Epigraphy- It is the study of coins.

3- Proto History- It relates to the Harappan inscription, which awaits decipherment of script in which ideas and objects were expressed in the form of a picture.

4- Sandhyakara Nandish’s Ramacharita – It highlights the story of conflict between the kaivarata peasants and the pala prince Rampala.

5-Harshacharita —It describes the earliest carries of Harshavardhana

6-The temple of Somnath that was demolished by Mahmoud Ghazni was dedicated to Lord

7-O-dantpuri university was founded by Gopala pala ruler at Biharsharif Bihar.

8- Jagdal university was founded by Rampala in Bengal.

9-Nalanda University was founded by Kumargupta I (Gupta ruler) at Badagaon Bihar

Nalanda University
Nalanda University

10-Ashokan inscription was engraved in the Brahmi script which was written from left to right

11-Shankaracharya philosophy is called Advaita Vedanta.

12-Somaapuri Buddist university was founded by Dharmapala at North Bengal.

13-Danish East India Company arrived in 1616 and French East India Company in 1664 respectively.

14-The Pala empire was founded by Gopala probably in 750 AD. He was succeeded in 770 AD by his son Dharmapala.

15- Annie Besant established the central Hindu school at Varanasi

Annie Besant
Annie Besant
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