GK/General Awareness/G-Studies-One Liner-Sept 09,2017

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General Awareness- One Liner


The rank of India in various Indexes in 2016-17

Names of Indexes-  India’s  Rank-  Country which is top ranked

1- Global Innovation Index 2017- 60- Switzerland

2-World Press Freedom Index 2017- 136- Norway

3-Intellectual Property (IP) Environment – 2017- 43- USA

4-Global Environment Performance Index- 155- Finland

5-Global Hunger Index Report 2016- 97- Argentina

6-World Happiness Index 2017- 122- Norway


7-Global index of talent competitiveness 2017- 92- Switzerland

8-Global Resilience Index 2017- 60- Switzerland

9-Global Competitiveness Index- 39- Switzerland

10-10-World’s Best Countries for Doing Business- 130- Singapore

11-Global Peace Index 2017- 137- Iceland

12-World’s most valuable nation brands report 2017- 7- The USA

13-Human Development Index- 131- Norway

14-Corruption perception index- 79- New Zealand and Denmark

15-FM Global Resilience Index 2017- 60- Switzerland

16-World Bank Logistics Index 2016- 35- Germany

17-Global Prosperity Index 2017- 70- Australia

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