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World Current Affairs- July 4, 2024


  1. How much narcotics were seized in Istanbul during the first six months of this year?
  2. Who emphasised the ongoing efforts to combat drugs and substance abuse in Istanbul?
  3. How many operations were conducted by security forces in Istanbul to disrupt drug-related activities?
  4. How many suspects were detained in Istanbul’s anti-drug operations?
  5. What did Iran’s Acting President urge the SCO member states to use for faster and cheaper trade?
  6. Where did Iran’s Acting President make his address regarding the North-South Corridor?
  7. What economic measures did Iran suggest at the SCO Summit?
  8. What happened to a suspected Bangladeshi cattle smuggler along the India-Bangladesh border?
  9. What action did the BSF take after the attack by the Bangladeshi smuggler?
  10. What commitment did the US Justice Department reaffirm to Hindu Americans?
  11. Who is part of the ‘Samosa Caucus’ that called for a meeting with the US Justice Department?
  12. What incident occurred to a Japanese climber in Pakistan’s Gilgit Baltistan region?
  13. How many people were killed in the van accident in Haripur district, Pakistan?
  14. What is the purpose of the British warship HMS Trent’s deployment to the Cayman Islands?
  15. Who made waves in Iran’s Presidential race despite finishing last?
  16. What was the voter turnout in Iran’s Presidential polls, and how did it compare historically?
  17. Why was an Australian national arrested in the Philippines?
  18. What did SCO leaders call for on Thursday?
  19. What was the purpose of the visit by Indian business leaders to Thimpu, Bhutan?
  20. What significant event took place at the 24th Meeting of the SCO Council of Heads of State?
  21. What did Prime Minister Narendra Modi remind the SCO about in his remarks?


  1. Over 12 tonnes of narcotics were seized in Istanbul during the first six months of this year.
  2. Istanbul Governor Davut Gul emphasised the ongoing efforts to combat drugs and substance abuse.
  3. Security forces conducted nearly 5,000 operations to disrupt drug-related activities.
  4. Around 3,300 suspects were detained in Istanbul’s anti-drug operations.
  5. Iran’s Acting President urged SCO member states to use the country’s southern ports in the North-South Corridor.
  6. Iran’s Acting President made his address at the SCO Summit in Astana, Kazakhstan.
  7. Iran suggested the creation of a “joint free zones network” and establishing economic agreements like preferential and Free Trade Agreements.
  8. A suspected Bangladeshi cattle smuggler suffered injuries after attacking a BSF jawan.
  9. The BSF registered a strong protest with the Border Guard Bangladesh against attacks by Bangladeshi criminals on Indian border guarding troops.
  10. The US Justice Department reaffirmed its commitment to expanding its outreach to Hindu Americans.
  11. The ‘Samosa Caucus’ includes Raja Krishnamoorthi, Ami Bera, Ro Khanna, Pramila Jayapal, and Shri Thanedar.
  12. A Japanese climber died after falling into a crevasse while descending Spantik Peak in Pakistan.
  13. At least seven people were killed and 10 others injured in the van accident in Haripur district, Pakistan.
  14. The British warship HMS Trent was deployed to offer support following the devastation caused by Hurricane Beryl in the Cayman Islands.
  15. Cleric Mostafa Pourmohammadi made waves despite finishing last in Iran’s Presidential race.
  16. The voter turnout in Iran’s Presidential polls was just 40 per cent, the lowest since 1979.
  17. An Australian national was arrested for making a bomb joke while checking in at an airport in the Philippines.
  18. SCO leaders called for building a multipolar world to address pressing security risks and challenges.
  19. Indian business leaders visited Thimpu, Bhutan, to expand trade and economic ties between India and Bhutan.
  20. Belarus officially became a member of the SCO at the 24th Meeting of the SCO Council of Heads of State.
  21. Prime Minister Narendra Modi reminded the SCO of its goal to combat terrorism and respect territorial integrity.

World Current Affairs- May 5, 2024

One-liner Questions

  1. Who is Israel targeting for assassination amid the ongoing peace talks?
  2. What role did Yahya Sinwar play according to Israel?
  3. What directive did the Israeli Defence Minister give regarding Yahya Sinwar?
  4. Where did the Hamas and Qatari teams arrive for ceasefire talks?
  5. Which city reported “significant progress” in the ceasefire negotiations?
  6. Who was Aiman Zaarab?
  7. What did Aiman Zaarab direct during the October 7 attack?
  8. How many rainstorm alerts were issued in Guangdong Province?
  9. Which city in Guangdong recorded the highest precipitation?
  10. What topics were discussed at the first JCM under the Ind-Aus ECTA?
  11. Who was re-elected as the Mayor of London?
  12. What controversy arose at Rutgers University regarding campus flags?
  13. What new agency did Pakistan decide to form?
  14. What concerns were raised about the NCCIA?
  15. How close did Cyclone Hidaya get to making landfall in Dar es Salaam?
  16. What did the IDF say about the target of their recent airstrike in Gaza?
  17. On what did Egyptian mediators and Hamas reach consensus?
  18. Where were the stories of India’s women Panchayati Raj leaders shared?
  19. What was the death toll in South Sulawesi due to flooding?
  20. How many sites for IDPs were bombed in the DRC?
  21. What did the Chinese embassy in Canada express dissatisfaction about?
  22. What initiative did the CMFRI launch in Ernakulam district?
  23. Who reaffirmed commitments to protecting journalists and media workers?
  24. What followed the Russian attacks in Kharkiv, Ukraine?
  25. What did Russian air defense systems target in Crimea?
  26. What military cooperation did the defence chiefs of the US, Australia, and Japan denounce?
  27. Who hosted the trilateral talks denouncing certain military cooperations?


  1. Israel is targeting Hamas military commander Yahya Sinwar for assassination.
  2. Yahya Sinwar is believed to be behind the October 7 massacre.
  3. The Israeli Defence Minister ordered that killing Yahya Sinwar is a top priority.
  4. The Hamas and Qatari teams arrived in Cairo, Egypt.
  5. Cairo reported “significant progress” in the ceasefire negotiations.
  6. Aiman Zaarab was a senior commander of the Islamic Jihad Rafah Brigade.
  7. He directed the elite forces of Islamic Jihad during the attack on October 7.
  8. There were 58 rainstorm alerts in Guangdong Province.
  9. A township in Zhongshan recorded the highest precipitation of 385.9 mm.
  10. Discussions included pharmaceutical pricing of generic drugs and cooperation in critical minerals.
  11. Sadiq Khan was re-elected as the Mayor of London.
  12. Controversy arose over the demand to display flags of “occupied people” including Kashmiris.
  13. Pakistan decided to form the National Cyber Crime Investigation Agency.
  14. Concerns were raised that the NCCIA would affect privacy and target social media activities.
  15. Cyclone Hidaya passed close but did not make landfall in Dar es Salaam.
  16. The IDF conducted an airstrike on a rocket launch site in the southern Gaza Strip.
  17. Consensus was reached on several issues regarding a potential ceasefire.
  18. Their stories were shared at the United Nations Headquarters.
  19. The death toll in South Sulawesi due to flooding and landslides rose to 15.
  20. Twelve people died in bombings at three IDP sites.
  21. The Chinese embassy opposed the accusation of interfering in Canada’s internal affairs.
  22. The CMFRI launched an awareness initiative on climate change impacts on fisheries.
  23. General Assembly President Dennis Francis reaffirmed this commitment on World Press Freedom Day.
  24. Multiple fires broke out following the attacks.
  25. The systems destroyed four ATACMS missiles.
  26. They denounced the growing military cooperation between North Korea and Russia.
  27. The talks were hosted in Hawaii.

Additional One-liner Questions

  1. What new role did the Indian Ministry of Commerce discuss with Australia?
  2. How did Indian Americans respond to Rutgers University’s decision on campus flags?
  3. What does the formation of the National Cyber Crime Investigation Agency in Pakistan aim to control?
  4. What is the maximum sustained wind speed of Cyclone Hidaya?
  5. Which Israeli city was targeted by rocket fire from Gaza?
  6. Who are the iconic women leaders from India who spoke at the UN?
  7. What was the extent of damage caused by flooding in Indonesia’s South Sulawesi?
  8. What countries were accused of interfering in Canada’s general elections?
  9. What did the Russian Defense Ministry claim about the attacks on Crimea?
  10. What regional concerns were discussed by the defense chiefs of the US, Australia, and Japan?

Additional Answers

  1. They discussed establishing disease-free zones for shrimps and prawns.
  2. They called the decision dangerous and urged reconsideration.
  3. It aims to control the massive social media presence of the PTI party.
  4. Cyclone Hidaya had maximum sustained winds of 75 km per hour.
  5. Ein HaShlosha kibbutz was targeted by rocket fire.
  6. Supriya Das Datta, Kunuku Hema Kumari, and Neeru Yadav.
  7. More than 1,800 houses and mosques were submerged, and 103 houses destroyed.
  8. China, Russia, and India were accused.
  9. They claimed to have destroyed four US-supplied long-range ATACMS missiles.
  10. They discussed North Korea, Russia’s war in Ukraine, the South China Sea, and the Taiwan Strait.

World Current Affairs- February 3, 2024

One-Liner Questions: World Current Affairs

  1. Who are among the shortlisted individuals for this year’s Royal Philharmonic Society (RPS) Awards?
  2. What does the US consider its partnership with India as?
  3. What statement did Israel Defense Minister Yoav Gallant make about the operations against Hamas?
  4. Who led the Hamas delegation for peace talks in Cairo?
  5. What was discussed in the phone talk between the Iraqi and Saudi Foreign Ministers?
  6. What is the Palestinian death toll from the ongoing Israeli attacks on Gaza Strip?
  7. What did Russia’s Deputy Foreign Minister Sergei Ryabkov say about deploying nuclear weapons?
  8. How many Palestinians were released by the Israeli army through the Kerem Shalom crossing?
  9. How much did India pay for its annual dues to the UN’s general budget?
  10. What was notified to the US Congress by the Biden administration regarding India?
  11. What tragedy occurred on Phillip Island involving four family members from India?
  12. What will the new minimum wage rate be in New Zealand from April 1?
  13. How many tourists arrived in Sri Lanka in January this year?
  14. What did an Indian-American man admit related to anti-money laundering?
  15. What are Greek farmers demanding from the government?
  16. What did the International Court of Justice ask Israel regarding actions in Gaza?
  17. What financial challenges is Donald Trump facing in the 2024 presidential race?
  18. What tragic incident occurred in Vietnam’s Hai Phong city?
  19. What association did researchers find between Type 2 diabetes treatments and kidney stones?
  20. What happened at Boise Airport in Idaho?
  21. What was found in the commercial truck of an Indo-Canadian driver?
  22. What action did the US government take against a Chinese government-backed botnet?

Answers: World Current Affairs

  1. A British Indian conductor and a sitarist.
  2. One of the most consequential relationships.
  3. The Israel forces would soon reach Rafah border to eliminate Hamas units.
  4. Led by its political head Ismael Haniyeh.
  5. The regional repercussions of a deadly drone attack on a US military base in Jordan.
  6. Exceeded 27,000.
  7. Not planning to deploy nuclear weapons in other countries.
  8. 114 Palestinians.
  9. $32.895 million.
  10. The proposed sale of 31 MQ-9B HALE armed drones to India.
  11. A drowning tragedy that killed four family members.
  12. “Moderately” to $14.12 an hour.
  13. Over 200,000 tourists.
  14. He failed to maintain an anti-money laundering program in violation of the Bank Secrecy Act.
  15. Sufficient financial aid with no delays.
  16. To prevent any acts that would constitute a genocide.
  17. Legal fees draining him out and spending to eliminate competition.
  18. A fire killed three members of a family.
  19. An association between the use of SGLT2 inhibitors and a lower risk of developing kidney stones.
  20. An under-construction hangar collapsed, killing three and injuring nine.
  21. 406.2 kilograms of what’s believed to be methamphetamine.
  22. Shut down a botnet hijacking “hundreds” of routers in the US.

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World Current Affairs: Source: Twitter
World Current Affairs: Source: Twitter

World Current Affairs- November 9, 2023

One-Liner Questions:

  1. What is the IDF’s mission in Gaza according to Jonathan Conricus?
  2. What was the cause of the death and injuries in Bangladesh on Wednesday?
  3. By how much did the Bangladesh government increase the minimum salary for garment workers?
  4. What challenges are Afghan nationals facing at the border?
  5. What investment did the US join with the Adani Group for in Sri Lanka?
  6. How many dengue deaths has Bangladesh reported this year?
  7. What concern does Germany’s Economy Minister have about the country’s immigration authorities?
  8. What is South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol’s current approval rating?
  9. Did the earthquake in Indonesia’s Maluku province trigger a tsunami?
  10. How many times has Indian-American Vin Gopal been re-elected as New Jersey state senator?
  11. What is the death toll of Israeli soldiers in Gaza since October 27?
  12. How has life expectancy in Australia changed recently?
  13. Why has Canada suspended operations in Nigeria?
  14. When was the first frost of the season reported in Seoul?
  15. How many Indians were killed in the car incident in Victoria, Australia?
  16. Who survived an assassination attempt in Yemen?


  1. The IDF’s mission is to dismantle every stronghold of Hamas in Gaza.
  2. A female worker was killed and others injured during clashes between police and garment workers demanding a pay hike.
  3. The minimum salary was increased from 8,000 taka to 12,500 taka.
  4. They are facing major challenges at the crossings on both sides of the border.
  5. A half a billion dollar loan to build a new deep water shipping container terminal at Colombo Port.
  6. More than 1,400 dengue deaths.
  7. He is concerned that the authorities may be too hostile to foreigners when more skilled workers are needed.
  8. 37 percent.
  9. No, it did not trigger a tsunami.
  10. Three times.
  11. The death toll has increased to 31.
  12. It has declined for the first time in almost 30 years by 0.1 years.
  13. Following a deadly explosion at the Canadian embassy in Abuja.
  14. On Wednesday, with temperatures dropping to as low as 1.8 degrees Celsius.
  15. Five Indians were killed.
  16. Sagheer Bin Aziz, the Chief of Staff of Yemen’s armed forces.

World Current Affairs- Jan 11, 2023

  1. A reality TV personality who is Indian-American was given a 78-month prison term for leading a statewide telemarketing fraud scam that preyed on “weak, elderly victims.”
  • Former “Real Housewives of Salt Lake City” actress Jennifer Shah, 49, earlier entered a guilty plea to one count of conspiracy to conduct wire fraud in connection with telemarketing.

2-According to Anton Siluanov, Russia’s finance minister, the country’s budget deficit in 2022 was 2.3% of GDP.

Anton Siluanov

3-US President Joe Biden expressed surprise when secret documents from the time he served as Vice President under former President Barack Obama were brought to one of his former private offices.

Joe Biden

World Current Affairs

4-The UK police have made public “bodycam” photographs of 10 men sought in connection with the racial confrontations in Leicester that broke out last October during an India-Pakistan cricket match.

5-The Ministry of Public Health in Ecuador has confirmed that a nine-year-old girl has contracted the A-H5 type of avian influenza, making her the first person to do so there.

6-On November 30, 2022, Ecuador issued a 90-day animal health emergency following the discovery of the highly dangerous avian influenza virus in chicken farms.

World Current Affairs

7-A motion to declare a state of emergency due to the area’s homelessness epidemic was granted by the Los Angeles County.

8-According to a research published by the UN Inter-agency Group for Child Mortality Estimation, more than 5.0 million children under the age of 5, including 2.3 million newborns, as well as 2.1 million children and youth aged 5 to 24 years — 43% of whom are adolescents — died in 2021.

9-King Constantine II of Greece dies dead in Athens at the age of 82. He ruled the country from 1964 to 1973, when the monarchy was dissolved.

King Constantine II of Greece

10-A former doctor of Indian descent who had already been found guilty of 115 counts of sexual assault against 28 women was given two more concurrent life sentences for doing pointless invasive tests.

  • Manish Shah, 53, was given two life sentences on Monday, each of which will begin to run concurrently after serving a minimum of 10 years.

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