GK/General Awareness/G-Studies-One Liners-April 1, 2016

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General Awareness- One-Liners


Bird sanctuaries are biological reserves, that have been developed through an act of law to preserve and to give them protection from poachers. These bird sanctuaries are added attraction to tourists all across the world.

Name of Bird Sanctuaries                State                                                       Area Occupied

Pulicat Lake Bird Sanctuary       Tamil Nadu                                                    481 km2

Nelapattu Bird Sanctuary        Andhra Pradesh                                                   404 km2

Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary              Haryana                                                       1.42 km2

Ranganthittu Bird Sanctuary     Karnataka                                                        0.67 km2

Vedanthaangal Bird Sanctuary    Tamil Nadu                                                       0.3 km2

Salim Ali Bird Sanctuary                  Goa                                                             1.8 km2

Kumarakom Bird Sanctuary           Kerala                                                         0.056 km2

Mayani Bird Sanctuary                Maharashtra                                                       km2

Chilka Lake Bird Sanctuary            Odisha                                                        1100 km2

Kaundinya Bird Sanctuary     Andhra Pradesh                                                     358 km2

Ghatprabha Bird Sanctuary     Karnataka                                                             29.78 km2

Nal Sarovar Bird Sanctuary           Gujarat                                                           120 km2

Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary/Keoladeo National Park                                                29 km2  or Keoladeo Ghana National Park    Rajasthan


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