General Awareness

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General Awareness- Miscellaneous

1-What was discovered at Qumran ?- Dead Sea Scrolls

2-Kimgazer is a newspaper in what country ?- Cyprus.

3-If you practice Encraty what are you doing ?- Abstinence or Self Restraint.

4-What emergency safety device was first used in 1945 ?- Ejector Seat

5-What is the only French speaking republic in Americas ?- Haiti

6-Lusitania was the Roman name of what modern country ?- Portugal

7-In Israel on Saturday its illegal to do what ?- Pick Your Nose.

8-A haemodializar is a mechanical Kidney.

9-Kerkira is the Greek name for what Island ?- Corfu.

10-Who was the first French women’s designer to design for men ?- Pierre Cardin.

11-What is the bass Xylophone called ? -Marimba.

12-What does Karaoke literally mean ?- Empty Orchestra.

13-Mintonette was the original name of what sport ?- Volleyball

14-In what country did stamp collecting start ?- France.

15-What’s the name of the worlds first National theatre Paris 1680 ?- Comedie Francaise.

16-Where do the White and Blue Niles join ? Khartoum – in Sudan.

17-In what country is Legoland ?- Denmark.

18-Who was assassinated by her own bodyguard in 1984 ?- Indira Ghandi.

19-What disease is spread in minute water droplets ?- Legionnaires Disease.

20-Who said “necessity is the mother of invention” ?- Ovid.

21-Which metal gets its name from Swedish for heavy stone ?- Tungsten.

22-Solanum Tuberosum is the Latin name for what plant ?- Potato.

23-What are young bats called ?- Pups.

24-What plant has flowers but no leaves ?- Cactus.

25-What is the Latin word for liquid produced by the Ficus Elastica ?- Latex.

26-What mountain – Greeks believe was the home of the Muses ?- Helicon.

27-Which metallic element atomic no 83 soothes Gastric Ulcers ?- Bismuth

28-In what city is the worlds largest medieval cathedral ?- Seville.

29-What is the SI unit of illumination ?- Lux.

30-What is the Latin name for the North Star ?- Polaris

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