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General Awareness – Geography

1- The time taken by the sun’s rays to reach the Earth is 8 minutes.

2-The point in the orbit of the Earth where it is nearest to the Sun is known as Perihelion.

3-The hottest planet of the solar system is Venus, also known as Evening star.

4-Greenland is the largest island of the world. It is an integral part of Denmark country.

5-The Savannah grassland is located in Africa.

6-A line drawn on a map connecting points that receive equal amounts of rainfall is called Isohyte.

7-Places having same pressure  is joined by Isobars,

8- The world’s largest freshwater lake,Lake Superior is situated in USA.

9-Basalt, Granite rocks  belong to Igneous Rocks.

10-The contour line that connects points of equal temperature at a given date or time on a geographic map is called Isotherm.

11-The ‘Sea of Tranquility’ is situated on the Moon.

12-Nilgiri Hills in Tamil Nadu lie at the junction of the Eastern and Western Ghats.

13- The Govt. of India has passed the Wildlife Protection Act in 1972 year inorder to conserve wildlife.

14-Indira Point is situated on the island of Great Nicobar and it represents the southernmost point of land in the territory of India.

15-The Andamans and Nicobars are separated by a Ten Degree  Channel some 150 km wide.

16-The Bhimbetka rock shelters are an archaeological World Heritage site located in Eaten District of Madhya Pradesh state.

17-Salim All School of Ecology and environmental science is located in Puduchery .

18- ‘Cattle Island’ is in Hirakkud Reservoire. It is in Mahanadi river.

19-The Super thermal plant located near Singareni Collieries is  Ramagundam.

20-The first multipurpose river valley project in free India was Damodar River Valley project.

21-The highest dam in India,Tehri,is in Bhagirathi river.

                                                                   Tehri Dam in 2004

22-Indian lake Chilka is famous for prawn farming.

23-India’s largest slum Dharavi is in  Mumbai.

24-Amarnath is the largest cave in India.

25-Bhageerathi and Alakananda meet at Devaprayag.

26-The first and the oldest oil refinery in India is located in Assam (Digboi).

27-The famous Tribe ‘Jarawas’ live in  Little Andaman.

28-Chattisgarh state means ‘Thirty six forts’.

29-Chenchu is a tribe of Seemandhra.

30-Mazagaon Dock Limited is in Mumbai.

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