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General Awareness -Biology- Life Processes

                                                               Tissues present in leaf

1-Autotrophic organisms synthesize their own food.

2-The process in which energy stored in Carbohydrates released is known as Respiration.

3-Oxygen is released during photosynthesis.

4-Iodine can be used to test the presence of Starch.

5-Photosynthesis occurs in chloroplasts parts of the cell.

6-Plants are green because they reflect green light.

7-The openings present in the epidermis layer of leaf are called stomata.

8-Stomata in large numbers are present in ventral side of the leaves.

9-The inorganic element of the chlorophyll is Magnesium.

10-The substance assimilating Carbon di-oxide in the dark reaction of photosynthesis is Ribulase 1-5 diphosphate.

11-Stroma and Granna are the parts of chloroplasts.

12-Melvin Calvin got Nobel prize for his studies on carbon fixation.

                                                                Melvin Calvin

13-Photosynthesis occurs at a higher rate in Red radiation.

14-Food factories of the plants are leaves.

15-Quantum is the energy present in the photon particles of Light rays.

16-The pigments of the leaf are excited during photosynthesis by sunlight.

17-Oxygen during photosynthesis is released from the split of water.

18-KOH effectively absorbs Carbon di-oxide.

19-Light reaction occurs in grana part of chloroplast.

20-Percentage of Carbon-dioxide in the atmosphere is 0.03.

21.Colour of Xanthophyll in plants is yellow.

22-Number of Carbon atoms in Glyceraldehyde-3 phosphate is 3.

23-Chloroplasts are richly present in Palisade parenchyma.

24- Nature of the substance in the stroma is viscous.

25-Stomata help in regulating exchange of gases and evaporation of water.

26-First stable product formed during photosynthesis after absorbing carbon dioxide is Phosphoglyceric acid-PGA.

27-Light reaction of photosynthesis is also named as Hill Reaction.

28-Dark reaction occurs in stroma part of chlorophyll.

29-Orange coloured pigments in plants is Carotene.

30-Photosynthesis is most important life process.

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