General Awareness

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General Awareness : Miscellaneous

1-The name of which animal means does not drink ?- Koala.

2-Name only non electrical musical instrument invented 20th cent ?- Steel Drums.

3-Thomas Edison had a phobia what was it ? -The Dark.

4-In proportion which animal has the largest eye ?- Cat

5-What was the name of Abraham Lincolns dog Stabbed to death ?- Fido

6-Terra Psittacorum was an early name for which country ?- Australia.

7-Chicago comes from a native Indian word that means what ?- Place that smells bad.

8-If you landed at Carthage airport where would you be ?- Tunis.

9-Berlin stands on which river ?- Spree.

10-If you landed at Schipol airport where are you ?- Amsterdam.

11-What country eats most turkey per capita annually ?- Israel.

12-In America what colour is the Green Card ?- White.

13-What city stands on the Hooghly river-Kolkata.

14-If you landed at Capodichino airport where are you ?- Naples.

15-What European countries flag is square ?- Switzerland.

16-What is an octothrope ?- The # symbol

17-Frankfurt stands on what river ?- Main

18-Which nation invented sauerkraut ?- Chinese.

19-What bird has the most feathers per square inch ?- Penguin.

20-A dog is canine – what animal is ovine ?- Sheep.

21-In what city is the Encyclopaedia Britanica based and published ?- Chicago

22-What capitol city stands on the Tagus River ?- Lisbon.

23-Who rode Rocinante ?- Don Quixote.

24-What US president was nicknamed Miss Nancy ?- James Buchanan.

25-If you landed at Hanedi airport where are you ?- Tokyo.

26-Only two elements liquid room temperature – mercury and what ?- Bromine

27-Alfred Nobel invented dynamite what did father Immanuel invent ?- Plywood

28-In Japan what is Jigali ?- Female Suicide.

29-What city stands on the Maas River ?- Rotterdam.

30-A cat is feline – what animal is murine ?- Mouse or Rat

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