Geography One-Liners for various competitive examinations

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Geography One-Liners for various competitive examinations

Thank You for landing the Geography section page.

 Maximum questions come from Geography portion in different competitive exams.

Here are some important Geography one-liners for students competing for various exams

Watch some of the important Geography Bits below.

1-Lal Bagh is in-

1- Mysore.
2- Bengaluru.
2- Ooty.
4- Shimla.

2-The monument that stands for the glory of Qutub Shahis is-

1- Birla Mandir.
2- Nehru Zoological Park.
3- Salarjung Museum.
4- Golkonda Fort.

3- The sixth most populous city in India is-

2- Hyderabad.
3- Chennai.
4- Bengaluru.

4-ICRISAT is located here-

1- Visakhapatnam.
2- Kurnool.
3- Hyderabad.
4- Nellore.

5-India Gate is a place of interest in-

1- Kanyakumari.
2- Jodhpur.
3- Secunderabad.
4- New Delhi.

6- Brindavan Gardens are worth seeing in-

1- Bengaluru.
2- Mysore.
3- Srinagar.
4- Simla.

7-Famous Dal lake is in-?

1- Amritsar.
2- Lucknow.
3- Srinagar.
4- Jammu.

8-The central Police Training College is situated at-

1- Mumbai.
2- Mount Abu.
3- Kolkata.
4- New Delhi.

9-The place that is known as Paradise on Earth is-

1- Bengaluru.
2- Chennai.
3- Srinagar.
4- Ooty.

10- Famous Viswanath temple is in-

1- Varanasi.
2- Mathura.
3- Kanchi.
4- Tirupati.

11-Dilwara Temple is situated at-

1- Mount Abu.
2- Ooty.
3- Tirumala.
4- New Delhi.

12-Name the state that holds the monopoly in Silk products in India.

1- Uttar Pradesh.
2- Karnataka.
3- Maharashtra.
4- Tamilnadu.

13-During the British period the summer capital was-
1- Simla.
2- Darjeeling.
3- Srinagar.
4- Ooty.

14- Tirupati is located in the mountain ranges of-

1- Nilgiri Hills.
2- Seshachalam Hills.
3- Nallamalla Hills.
4- Sahyadri Hills.

15- A Cosmopolitan city is-

1- Chennai.
2- Mumbai.
3- Delhi.
4- Kolkata.


2-Golkonda Fort.
5-New Delhi.
8-Mount Abu.
11-Mount Abu.
14-Seshachalam Hills.

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