Geography -One Liners

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Geography -One Liners


1- The Jog waterfalls are on the river Sharavathi

2-Godavari is the largest of the peninsular rivers

3- Luni river is in Rajasthan

4-Tapti rivers is in Satpura range

5-The origin of Indus is in Mansarovar

6- Indus falls into the sea near Karachi

7-Gomati is the tributaries of Mahanadi

8-Chilka lagoon is the largest lagoon in India

9-Mahanadi river rises in Sihava

10-Godavari is the largest river in south India

11- River Indus originates from Kailash range

12-The river with highest tidal bore in India is Hoogli

13-The origin of Beas is Beas Kund

14-The world’s largest reserve of Barytes is found in Cuddapah

15-Sambhar lake in India has the highest water salinity

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