Polity-One Liners

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Polity-One Liners


1-The Constitutional Amendment by which the age for voting has been revised from 21 years to 18 years is 61st

2-The Election Commission accords recognition to various political parties in India as National or Regional Parties.

3-The right to vote in India is given to all people on the basis of Age

4- In India, the Chief Election Commissioner can be removed from his office in the same manner and on the same grounds as- A Judge of the Supreme Court

5- Areawise,Laddakh is the largest Lok Sabha Constituency

6-NRI (Non Resident Indian) Day is observed on 9th January

7- The full form of EVM is Electronic Voting Machine

8-The Election Disputes regarding the election of President and Vice President can be heared by Supreme Court

9- If a member of Parliament becomes disqualified for membership, the decision of his removal is taken by President in accordance with the opinion of the Election Commission

10-The Election Commission was converted into Three Members Commissions in the year 1990

11- The Anti defection Act was passed in February 15,1985

12-The first General Election in India was held in 1951

13-Election Commission was set up in pursuance of a definite provision under an article of the Constitution of India.

14-National Security Act has banned floor crossing by the members elected on a party ticket to the legislature.

15-To be recognised as a National party, it must secure at least 4% of the valid votes in 4 or more states

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