GK/General Awareness/G-Studies- One Liners

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General Awareness- One Liners


01- The first Prime minister of Bangladesh was- Mujibur Rehman

02 The longest river in the world is the- Nile

03 The Gurkhas are the original inhabitants of- Nepal

04 The country which ranks second in terms of land area is- Canada

05 The highest mountain in the world is the- Everest

06 The largest Island in the Mediterranean sea is- Sicily

07 The biggest delta in the world is the- Sunderbans

08 The length of the English channel is- 564 kilometres

09 The largest bell in the world is the- Tsar Kolkol at Kremlin, Moscow

10 The name given to the border which separates Pakistan and Afghanistan is- Durand line

11 The biggest island of the world is- Greenland

12 The coldest place on the earth is- Verkoyansk in Siberia

13 The city which is also known as the City of Canals is- Venice

14 The length of the Suez Canal is- 162.5 kilometers

15 The river Jordan flows out into the- Dead sea

16 The city which was once called the `Forbidden City’ was- Peking

17 The capital city that stands on the river Danube is- Belgrade

18 The Japanese call their country as- Nippon

19 The country which is the largest producer of rubber in the world is- Malaysia

20 The world’s oldest known city is- Damascus

21 The volcano Vesuvius is located in- Italy

22 The country in which river Wangchu flows is- Myanmar

23 The lowest point on earth is- The coastal area of Dead sea

24 The city which is the biggest centre for manufacture of automobiles in the world is- Detroit, USA

25 The country which is the largest producer of manganese in the world is- USA

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