Biology- Significance of various Minerals to a Human Body

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Significance of various Minerals to a Human Body


Macro Elements

1- Sulphur(S)

Sources of Sulphur are the many proteins of food.

Significance: Component of many amino acids.

Effects of deficiency : Distributed protein metabolism.


Sources: Cereals, Cheese, Milk, Green, Vegetables, Fish, Egg, Meat etc

Significance: Helps in the formation of teeth and bones, blood clotting, function of nerves and muscles.

Effects of deficiency : Retarded body growth, Weak teeth and bones,Rickets.


Sources: Soybean, Milk, Egg, Vegetables, Fish, Meat etc.

Importance: Needed for formation of teeth and bones,Synthesis of Nucleic acids.

Effects of deficiency : Weak teeth and bones;retarded body growth and physiology, children suffered by Rickets.

4- Potassium(K)

Sources: Fruits and vegetables, Meat, milk, cereals.

Importance : Needed for water regulation and function of nerves, acid-base balance.

Effects of deficiency : Weak muscles, Low blood pressure, paralysis.

5- Magnesium(Mg)

Sources: Green vegetables, Cereals.

Importance: Helps in a number of metabolic reactions dependent upon ATP, acts as Co-factor of many enzymes of glycolysis.

Effects of deficiency : Muscles pain, hysteria, irregular heart beat.

6- Iron(Fe)

Sources:Cereals, Green Vegetables,Pulses, Meat, Eggs, Fruits, Fish etc.

Importance: Main component of hemoglobin.

Effects of deficiency :Weakness and weak immunity, Anemia.

7- Chlorine(Cl)

Sources: Table salt

Importance: It is a component of gastric juice, it is required for acid base balance.

Effects of deficiency :Muscles cramps, Loss of appetite.


Sources:Sea Food, Beat, Salgam, Milk, Cheese.

Importance: Important component of Thyroxine hormone and Thyroid Gland.

Effects of deficiency : Cretinism, Goiter.

9- Sodium(Na)

Sources: Fish, Eggs, Meat, Salt, Vegetables etc.

Importance: Control function of Muscles, Nerves and Heart.

Effects of deficiency : Weight Loss, Tiredness, Destroy Muscles.

Micro Elements

1- Zinc(Zn)

Sources: Milk, eggs, meat, Cereals, sea food.

Importance: It is a Co-factor of digestive and many other enzymes.

Effects of deficiency :Anaemia, rough skin, Retarded growth, weak immunity and fertility.


Sources: Tea, sea food, Drinking water.

Importance: Maintenance of teeth and bones.

Effects of deficiency : Weak teeth, larger amount causes mottling of teeth.


Sources: Green vegetables, sea food, Meat, dry fruits, pods.

: It is a Co-factor of cytochrome oxidase enzyme. Required for development of blood vessels, iron metabolism and connective tissues.

Effects of deficiency : Anaemia, weak blood vessels.


Sources: Fruits and green vegetables, Dry fruits, cereals.

Importance: It is a Co-factor of some enzymes of urea synthesis and transfer of phosphate group.

Effects of deficiency : Irregular growth of cartilages, bones and connective tissues.


Sources: Some vegetables, Cereals, pods.

Importance : It is a Co-factor of some enzymes.

Effects of deficiency : Irregular excretion of nitrogenous waste products.


Sources: Meat, Milk, cheese.

Importance: Important component of Vitamin B12.

Effects of deficiency : Anaemia


Sources: Cereals, sea food,Meat.

Importance: It is a Co-factor of many enzymes; helps assisting Vitamin E.

Effects of deficiency : Weakness of cardiac muscles,Muscular pain.


Sources: Sea food, meat,Yeast, some vegetables.

Importance : Helps for catabolic metabolism.

Effects of deficiency : ATP production, Irregularities of catabolic metabolism.

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