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1-In Rocket Technology, cryogenic engines find applications.

2-The first session of the constituent Assembly held in New Delhi.

3-In Baseball, the two opposing teams consist of 9 players each.

4-In 1610, Galileo Galilie discovered four moons of Jupiter planet.

5-Anangpal ,Tomar ruler is credited to have established Delhi.

6-Feroze Shah Tughlaq , the sultan of Delhi built the biggest network of canals in India.

7-Krishnadeva Raya wrote Amuktamalyada in Telugu.

8-Jain Philosophy holds that World is created and maintained by Universal law.

9-During the Gupta period, Broach ports handled the north Indian trade.

10-Shobhana Narayan is a reputed classical dancer.

11-Foot and Mouth disease is found in cattle.

12-Red Dragon was the first English ship that came to India.

13-Rani Durgavathi is a ruler contemporary of Akbar.

14-The constitution of India does not mention the post of Deputy Prime Minister.

15-President decides the number of judges in a High Court.

16-Australia is the largest producer of Bauxite.

17-Gobar Gas mainly contains Methane.

18-Sargasso sea is located at North Atlantic ocean.

19-Lime Stone is transformed into Marble.

20-In Frog, respiration is done by Skin.

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