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History -Important Points

1- Rashtrakutas was founded by Dantidurga, the greatest ruler of this dynasty was Govinda-III and Amoghvarsha.

2-Jaichand was the last Rajput ruler who was also defeated and killed by Mohammad Ghori in the battle of Chandawar in 1194 A.D

3- Pratiharas:- 730 A.D- 1036 A.D, Bhoja/Mihir Bhoja was the greatest ruler of Pala dynasty.(750 A.D- 1150 A.D).

4- Gopala founded the Pala empire in 750 A.D

5-His son Dharampala succeeded him, Dharampala revived Nalanda University.

6-Dharampala founded the Vikramshila University.

7-The famous rock-cut temple of shiva at Ellora was built by one of the Rashtrakutas king Krishna-I.

8-The founder of the chola dynasty was Vijayalaya.

9- The period of Chola Empire is 850- 1279 A.D

10-Greatest chola rulers were Rajaraja and his son Rajendra-I.

11-Rajaraja built Vrihadeshwar/ Rajarajeshwar temple at Tanjore.

12-Last ruler of Chola dynasty was Rajendra-III.

13-Pallvas king Narsimhavaramana occupied Chalukyan capital Vatapi in about 642 A.D and assumed the title Vatapikonda.i.e conqueror of Vatapi.

14-Chalukyas established their capital at Vatapi in the district of Bijapur Karnataka.

15-Pallava ruler Narsimhavarmana invaded the Chalukyas kingdom, killed Pulakesin II and captured Vatapi, he adopted the title of Vatapikonda.

16-Pulakesin-II was the great ruler who defeated Harshavardhana.

17-In 757 A.D, Chalukyas were overthrown by their feudatories, the Rashtrakutas.

18-First battle of Tarain was fought in 1192 A.D between the Prithviraj Chauhan and Mohammad Ghori in which Ghori was defeated.

19-The arrangement of local self government is regarded as the basic features of the administration of Cholas.

20- Towards the close of the 8th century A.D, there were three great power in India- the palas in the East, the Gurjar-Partihara in the North and the Rashtrakutas in the Deccan.

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