History – Important Battles

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World History – Important Battles

Important Battles –           Countries participated         –          Time Period

* Battle of Marathon- Athenians and Persians; King Darius of Persia defeated- 490 BC

* Battle of Mycale- Greek and Persian forces; Persian fleet defeated- 479 BC

* Battle of Salamis- Athenian and Persian fleet in the Bay of Salamis; Persian fleet defeated-480 BC

* Battle of Megiddo -Necho of Egypt and Josiah of Judsh; Egyptians victorious-608 BC

* Battle of Thermopylae- Spartans led by Leonidas and Persians by Xerxes; Spartans were defeated- 480 BC

* Spartan War I -Sparta and Athenes, also called ‘Pelponesian War’: it lasted for 30 years- 459 BC

* Spartan War II -Sparta and Athenes; Spartans victorious-431 – 421 BC

* Battle of Magnesia- Syrian and Roman forces; Syrian forces defeated (north-west Lydia)-190 BC

* Battle of Platae – Greek and Persian forces; Persian forces defeated -479 BC

* War of Roses- Civil War in England between the two rival royal houses of Lancaster and York; White and red rose were their respective symbols (1455 – 1485)

* Hundred Year War- France and England (1337 – 1453 )

* Anglo-Spanish War- Spanish and English fleets fought in the English Channel; Defeat of the Spanish fleet- (1588 )

* Battle of Arabia- Greek and Persian forces; Greeks victorious. (331 BC )

* Thirty Year War Started as religious-cum-political war between (Conto) the Lutherans
and Catholics in Germany and developed into an international war. (1618 – 1648 )

* Civil War of England- Between Cavaliers (King Charles supporters) and forces of the Parliament
led by Oliver Cromwell; King Charles I executed.(1642 – 1649)

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