History -Important One Liners For Exams

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1-Chandragupta Maurya (321-298BC) was the flrst ruler who Overthrew the Nanda dynasty with the help of Chanakya.

2- Chandragupta Maurya has been called Sandrocottus by Greek scholars.

3- Chandragupta defeated Seleucus Nikator, the general of Alexander (304 BC), who later sent Megasthenese the author of Indica to Chandragupta’s court.

4-Ashoka (293-273 BC) was called Devanamapriya, Dear to Gods.

5-Ashoka was the first king to maintain direct contact with people through inscriptions.

6-Sanehi Stupa was built by Ashoka.

7-Kanishka was the greatest of the Kushanas , who started the Saka Era in AD 78.

8-Kushanas were the f1rst rulers to issue gold coins on a wide scale known for metallic purity

9-Chandragupta I (AD 319-3~34) married a Lichchhavi princess, who strengthened his position and enhanced the prestige of the Guptas.

10-Chandragupta 1 was able to establish his authority over Magadha, Prayaga and Saketa.

11-The IV Major Rock Edict of Ashoka tells about the practice of Dharma.

12- The Major Rock Edict XII of Ashoka deals with the conquest of Kalinga.

13-Rock-cut architecture in India made a beginning during Ashoka’s reign

14-Ashoka spread Buddhism to SriLanka and Nepal. He is known as the Constantine of Buddhism.

15-For the propagation of Buddhism, Ashoka started the institution of Dharmamahamatras.

16-Ceylones ruler Devanmpriya Tissa was Ashoka’s first convert to Buddhism.

17-Ashoka sent his son and daughter to Sri Lanka for the spread of Buddhism (Mahendra and Sanghamitra).

18-Ashoka fought the Kalinga war in 261 BC Kalinga is in modern Orissa.

19- Ashokan inscriptions were deciphered by James Princep.

20-Following the death of Ashoka, the Mauryan dynasty lasted for 137 years, the empire was divided into – Western and Eastern parts.

21- Pataliputra, the modern day Patna was the capital city of Mauryan Empire.

22-Buddhist Literature is in Pali language.

23- Vinaya Pitaka: These are the rules of discipline in the Buddhist monasteries.

24- Sutta Pitaka- It is the Largest, contains collection of Buddha’s sermons.

25- Abhidhamma Pitaka: It is th explanation of the philosophical principles of the Buddhist religion.

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