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History -Andhra Pradesh

1-C M Trivedi was the first Governor of Andhra Pradesh.

2-Nyayapati Subba Rao was the first President of Andhra Congress Circle.

3-Gadicherla Hari Sarvothama Rao named the ceded districts as Rayalaseema.

4-Thomas Munro suppressed the the Poligars of Rayalaseema.

5-In 1879 the Rampa Rebellion took place.

6-In 1887 the Hyderabad Nizamabad College was established.

7-In 1937, Sri Baghpact was made.

8-In the year 1954, Sri Venkateswara University was established.

9-In 1927, the Ittehad -ul-Muslimeen was established in Hyderabad.

10-In the year 1938, Vandemataram Struggle in Osmania University took place.

11-In the year 1910, National College at Machilipatnam was established.

12-In 1918, Osmania University was established.

13-In Guntur, the High Court of Andhra State was established.

14-The last chief minister of Andhra State was Bezwada Gopala Reddy.

15-English people built Fort St. George at Madrasapatnam.

16-Rayalaseema Mahasabha was formed in 1934.

17-The History of Telangana Armed Struggle is written by Devulapalli Ramanuja Rao.

18-‘At the feet of the Master’ is written by Jiddu Krishna Murthy.

19-In Alampuram, Navabrahma temple is situated.

20-The first book printed in Telugu is ‘The Bible’

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