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Instruments and what it measures –

Ammeter – Measures strength of electric current.

Audiometer – Measures intensity of sound.

Anemometer – Measures force and velocity of wind and directions.

Galvanometer – measures electric current.

Fluxmeter – measures magnetic flux.

Endoscope – used to examine internal parts of the body.

Barograph – Records atmospheric pressure.

Bolometer – measures heat radiation.

Callipers – measures inner and outer diameters of bodies.

Voltmeter – measures electric potential difference between two points.

Wavemeter – measures the wavelength of a radiowave.

Viscometer -measures viscosity of liquid.

Pykometer – determines the density and coefficient of expansion of liquids.

Polygraph – records changes in heartbeat, blood-pressure and respiration.

Photometer – compares luminous intensity of the source of light.

Spectroscope – records spectra.

Spectrometer -measures the position of spectral lines.

Sextant -measures the height of very distant objects and also used by navigators to find the latitude.

Thermostat – regulates the temperature at a particular point.

Tonometer – measures the pitch of a sound.

Transponder – receives a signal and transmit a reply immediately.

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