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International Current Affairs Today


  1. What new features did Instagram introduce for European users recently?
  2. Why were the transparency measures and user options introduced on Instagram for European users?
  3. Who is the President, Global Affairs at Meta?
  4. What action is the Canadian government considering to address the housing crisis?
  5. How many international students did Canada host last year?
  6. How many study permits went to Indians in 2022 according to the government data?
  7. When will Singapore hold its presidential election?
  8. For what crime was the Pennsylvania-based dentist sentenced to life imprisonment?
  9. How many days was the man stranded on an uninhabited island in the Bahamas?
  10. What action did the US Coast Guard take upon locating the stranded man?
  11. Where was Former Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra transported after returning to the country?
  12. Why were schoolchildren and a teacher rescued in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province?
  13. Who was recently elected as the president of Cambodia’s National Assembly?
  14. Which Pakistan Prime Minister is spending his prison term in Attock jail?
  15. How many of Italy’s largest cities will be on “red alert” for heat by mid-week according to the Ministry of Health?
  16. What “significant increase” did the data from the US Forest Service reveal?
  17. What is the estimated value of the potential sale of Apache attack helicopters and related equipment to Poland?
  18. When did the ambush and robbery incident involving Indian nationals take place in Mexico City?
  19. What has North Korea informed Japan about recently?
  20. Which country confirmed carrying out a drone attack on a Russian military air base?
  21. How many aircrafts were damaged in the drone attack on Shaykovka air base?


  1. Instagram introduced additional transparency measures and user options for European users.
  2. They were introduced as the Digital Services Act (DSA) comes into effect later this month.
  3. Nick Clegg.
  4. The Canadian government is considering a cap on the number of international students.
  5. More than 800,000.
  6. 226,000 of the 549,570 study permits.
  7. September 1.
  8. For killing his wife during an African safari in 2016.
  9. Three days.
  10. The US Coast Guard dropped supplies including food, water, and a radio.
  11. To prison, following a Supreme Court issued 8-year detention order.
  12. The cable of a chairlift they were on snapped.
  13. Khuon Sudary.
  14. Imran Khan.
  15. 17 cities.
  16. A “significant increase” in wildfires caused by humans in Oregon and Washington.
  17. $12 billion.
  18. August 19.
  19. Its plan to launch a satellite between Thursday and August 31.
  20. Ukraine.
  21. At least one aircraft.

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