Daily Current Affairs Quiz

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Daily Current Affairs Quiz


  1. Which ministers from the Commonwealth countries have committed to a gender equality roadmap?
  2. Who hinted at running with former US President Donald Trump in the 2024 presidential race?
  3. How many people are missing from the wildfires in Hawaii’s Maui Island?
  4. Which city did Prime Minister Narendra Modi visit to congratulate ISRO scientists?
  5. How many HTS rebel group members were killed by the Syrian Army in Aleppo?
  6. How many people died in the stampede at Barea stadium in Madagascar’s capital?
  7. How much land has been burned by wildfires in Italy in 2023, according to Coldiretti?
  8. Why is Iran considering its accession to BRICS important?
  9. For what reason were two people arrested in Lebanon?
  10. What directive has Niger’s junta given to the French ambassador Sylvain Itte?
  11. Which country condemned Israel’s National Security Minister’s “racist statements”?
  12. Which US city’s drinking water is threatened by a wildfire?
  13. What was laid by the Union Defence Secretary Giridhar Aramane on August 25?
  14. In which Indian city was a video of a teacher promoting violence against a minority student condemned?
  15. What did Rajasthan’s Chief Minister say about criminals in the state?
  16. Who concluded the National Security Strategies Conference-2023 with an address?
  17. How is Donald Trump trying to build his profile as a ‘martyr’?
  18. For what reason were some students in Kolkata’s Jadavpur University targeting others, as informed by a public prosecutor?
  19. Who were nominated by BCCI to attend matches during the Asia Cup 2023 in Pakistan?
  20. What action has the NIA Special Court ordered against pro-Khalistani terrorist Lakhbir Singh Sandhu?
  21. Who was directed by the Delhi High Court to undergo a medical examination at AIIMS?
  22. Which politician commented on a viral video of a teacher allegedly promoting violence against a Muslim student in UP?
  23. Which team defeated the Atlanta Riders by 22 runs on Friday?
  24. Why did Punit Goenka move the Securities and Appellate Tribunal?
  25. For what comment was journalist Atin Das arrested in Assam?


  1. Women’s affairs ministers from Commonwealth countries including representatives from India.
  2. Indian-American presidential aspirant Vivek Ramaswamy.
  3. Nearly 400 people.
  4. Bengaluru.
  5. Seven members.
  6. At least 12 people.
  7. More than 600 square km.
  8. To improve its economy and offset the negative impact of US-led economic sanctions.
  9. Accused of spying for Israel.
  10. To leave the country within 48 hours.
  11. Palestine.
  12. Portland.
  13. The keel of four Fast Patrol vessels (FPVs) of the Indian Coast Guard.
  14. Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh.
  15. Criminals should either give up crime or leave the state.
  16. Union Home Minister Amit Shah.
  17. By releasing his angry mug shot of surrender at Atlanta to unleash a ‘Red Tsunami’.
  18. Selecting victims for ragging in the name of introduction.
  19. Roger Binny and Rajeev Shukla.
  20. Confiscation of the property.
  21. Businessman Amandeep Singh Dhal.
  22. Congress leader Rahul Gandhi.
  23. The Texas Chargers.
  24. Against the SEBI confirmatory order dated August 14.
  25. Referring to Mahatma Gandhi as “a spy of the British”.

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