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Business News Today-One Liners- February 26, 2024

One-Liner Questions: Business News Today

  1. Who mentioned that regulations have enabled India to become a global benchmark in fintech?
  2. What event is Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurating related to the textile sector?
  3. What is the focus of Bharat Tex 2024?
  4. What does the latest household consumer expenditure survey indicate about India’s poverty level?
  5. What significant action has Shree Cement taken regarding an assessment order from the Income Tax department?
  6. Which company announced the establishment of its first EV manufacturing facility in India?
  7. What new record did the NIFTY achieve last week?
  8. Who laid the foundation stone for VinFast’s EV plant in Tuticorin?
  9. What has Aadhaar and Jan Dhan Yojana contributed to according to Sampad Swain?
  10. What did Byju Raveendran say about rumors of being fired?
  11. What advice did Union IT and Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnaw give to entrepreneurs?
  12. How does Henry H. McVey view the future of India’s e-commerce industry?
  13. What joint venture is expected between the Adani Group and Uber?
  14. What MoU did Kalyani Steel Limited sign with the Odisha government?
  15. What does Nomura’s research report say about corporate earnings momentum?
  16. What unusual FPI trend has been observed recently, according to V K Vijayakumar?
  17. What did Uber’s global CEO discuss with Gautam Adani?
  18. What significant infrastructure project is PM Modi dedicating to the nation?
  19. What action has Google taken regarding its AI platform Gemini?
  20. What partnership was announced to establish a charging network in India?
  21. How much did ‘Article 370’ and ‘Crakk: Jeetega Toh Jiyegaa!’ earn on their first day?
  22. How many straight weeks of inflows have India dedicated funds seen?
  23. What impact has the Insolvency and Bankruptcy Code had on debtors?
  24. What is the purpose of Air India’s CE Plus app?
  25. What investment is Pernod Ricard India making in Maharashtra?

Answers to Questions on Business News Today

  1. Harshil Mathur, CEO of Razorpay.
  2. Bharat Tex – 2024.
  3. Unified farm to foreign via fibre, fabric, and fashion focus.
  4. It has fallen below 5%.
  5. It noticed prima facie errors in the assessment order.
  6. VinFast.
  7. It made a new high effectively on every trading session.
  8. Tamil Nadu Chief Minister M.K. Stalin.
  9. They have given a big push to the digital India ecosystem.
  10. He refuted the reports, stating he remains at the helm.
  11. To mold their plans according to India’s growth in the next 10 years.
  12. More democratized compared to the US and China.
  13. A joint venture to expand Uber’s fleet with renewable energy.
  14. For Titanium Metal and Aerospace Components Manufacturing in Odisha.
  15. It has improved significantly since FY20.
  16. Decline in FPI equity outflows despite rising US bond yields.
  17. India’s growth and rising entrepreneurship.
  18. Sudarshan Setu, the country’s longest cable-stayed bridge.
  19. Paused the ability of Gemini AI to generate images of people.
  20. Log9 and Trinity Cleantech for an interoperable charging network.
  21. ‘Article 370’ made Rs 5.75 crore; ‘Crakk: Jeetega Toh Jiyegaa!’ made four crore Rupees.
  22. 49 straight weeks.
  23. Incentivising debtors to settle their defaults before cases are admitted.
  24. To provide easy access to flight-related information and reports for cabin executives.
  25. Up to 200 million euros for a malt spirits distillery in Butibori.

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Business News Today-One Liners-Source Pic- Twitter

Business News Today-One Liners-Source Pic- Twitter

Business News Today-One Liners- November 14, 2023


  1. What is the reason for foreign businesses withdrawing funds from China?
  2. Who has been appointed as the new Slack CEO by Salesforce?
  3. Who preceded Denise Dresser as Slack CEO?
  4. What is Sonia Eland’s new role at HCLTech?
  5. Which division is Amazon laying off employees from?
  6. What is the main purpose of the US’s new “National Spectrum Strategy”?
  7. Which region has the majority of Web3 game developers?
  8. Which networks are preferred destinations for migrating Web3 games?
  9. How many jobs is Tata Steel cutting at its Netherlands plant?
  10. What percentage of the Netherlands’ total CO2 emissions is attributed to the Tata Steel factory?
  11. What are PTC Industries and Safran Aircraft Engines collaborating on?
  12. What impact could the upcoming Indian elections have on the stock market?
  13. What restriction has Tesla placed on Cybertruck buyers?
  14. When was the Cybertruck first announced by Tesla?
  15. How did Adani Electricity Mumbai Ltd contribute to reducing air pollution on Diwali day?


  1. Foreign businesses are pulling money out of China due to its slowing economy, low interest rates, and geopolitical tussle with the US.
  2. Denise Dresser has been appointed as the new Slack CEO by Salesforce.
  3. Lidiane Jones preceded Denise Dresser as Slack CEO.
  4. Sonia Eland’s new role at HCLTech is Executive Vice President and Country Manager for Australia and New Zealand.
  5. Amazon is laying off employees from its games division.
  6. The US’s “National Spectrum Strategy” aims to offer certain frequencies for private companies to expand operations from voice calls to mobile apps.
  7. The Asia-Pacific (APAC) region has the majority of Web3 game developers.
  8. Polygon, Immutable, and Arbitrum are the preferred destinations for migrating Web3 games.
  9. Tata Steel is cutting around 800 jobs at its Netherlands plant.
  10. The Tata Steel factory is responsible for around 7% of the Netherlands’ total CO2 emissions.
  11. PTC Industries and Safran Aircraft Engines are collaborating to develop industrial cooperation for LEAP engine’s casting parts.
  12. The upcoming Indian elections could lead to a 30% slump in the stock market if the outcome is outside investors’ expectations.
  13. Tesla has placed a restriction on Cybertruck buyers, prohibiting them from reselling the vehicle within the first year of delivery.
  14. The Cybertruck was first announced by Tesla in 2019.
  15. Adani Electricity Mumbai Ltd supplied 1,200 MW of ‘green energy’ to Mumbai on Diwali day, reducing air pollution.

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