National Current Affairs 2023

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National Current Affairs 2023

One-Liner Questions on National Current Affairs 2023

  1. Where was the ninth edition of the annual India-Sri Lanka joint military exercise “Mitra Shakti 2023” held?
  2. What kind of tactical actions were practiced in the “Mitra Shakti 2023” exercise?
  3. What additional activities were included in the exercise curriculum of “Mitra Shakti 2023”?
  4. What advanced military technologies were involved in the “Mitra Shakti 2023” exercise?
  5. What specific drills were focused on during the “Mitra Shakti 2023” exercise?
  6. What was the main focus of collective efforts in “Mitra Shakti 2023”?
  7. What are the dates for the “Mitra Shakti 2023” exercise?
  8. Which regiment mainly represents the Indian contingent in “Mitra Shakti 2023”?
  9. Which division represents the Sri Lankan side in the exercise?
  10. How many personnel from the Indian and Sri Lankan Air Forces are participating in “Mitra Shakti 2023”?
  11. What is the main aim of the “Mitra Shakti 2023” exercise?
  12. What benefits are expected from the joint drills and exchange of practices in “Mitra Shakti 2023”?
  13. With whom did Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh hold bilateral meetings at the 10th ADMM-Plus?
  14. What was discussed in Rajnath Singh’s meeting with the Defence Minister of Indonesia?
  15. What progress did Rajnath Singh review with the Minister of National Defence of Vietnam?
  16. What was the focus of the Defence Minister’s meeting with the Secretary General of ASEAN?
  17. What did Rajnath Singh appreciate about ASEAN member states at the 10th ADMM-Plus?
  18. Who was congratulated by Rajnath Singh for the chairmanship of ADMM-Plus?

Answers on National Current Affairs 2023

  1. Aundh, Pune.
  2. Raid, search and destroy missions, heliborne operations, etc.
  3. Army Martial Arts Routine (AMAR), combat reflex shooting, and yoga.
  4. Employment of drones and counter unmanned aerial systems, besides helicopters.
  5. Securing helipads and casualty evacuation during counter-terror operations.
  6. Achieving interoperability among troops and reducing risk to life and property in UN peacekeeping operations.
  7. November 16 to 29, 2023.
  8. Maratha Light Infantry Regiment.
  9. 53 Infantry Division.
  10. 15 personnel from the Indian Air Force and five from the Sri Lankan Air Force.
  11. To jointly rehearse sub-conventional operations under Chapter VII of the UN Charter.
  12. Enhanced defence cooperation and mutual learning between the Indian and Sri Lankan Armies.
  13. His Indonesian and Vietnamese counterparts.
  14. Strengthening maritime cooperation, training, staff talks, exercises, and defence industry collaboration.
  15. The implementation of the ‘Joint Vision Statement on India-Vietnam Defence Partnership towards 2030’.
  16. Enhancing ASEAN-India cooperation and advancing the ASEAN-India Comprehensive Strategic Partnership.
  17. Their enthusiastic participation in India-ASEAN activities.
  18. The Indonesian Defence Minister.

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