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1- Centre for world solidarity is situated at secunderabad.

2-Variety of the living thing that populates the earth is called bio diversity.

3-World conservation strategy was proposed by IUCN in 1980.

4-Forests serve as lungs of the world.

5-FAO- Food and Agriculture Organization.

6-Ground water levels increase with percolation tanks.

7-Coal, petroleum, natural gas and minerals are non renewable resources.

8- IUCN- International Union for the Conservation of Nature (1948).

9-Soil erosion can be reduced with contour strip cropping.

10- ICRISAT (secunderabad) – International Crop Research Institute for Semi Arid Tropics.

11-UNDP- United Nations Development Programme.

12-Wood products can be replaced with bamboo.

13-Seeds of Jatropa curcas used for production of bio diesel.

14-Available surface fresh water is 0.01%.

15-CO2, NO2, CFC (Chloro Fluro Carbons) are examples for Green house gasses.

16-CFL (compact fluorescent lamp) is energy efficient and generate little heat.

17-Drinking of fluorine polluted water causes fluorosis.

18-Gujarat stands first place in our country in utilizing solar energy.

19-CFC are used in refrigerators and air conditioners.

20- Green house gasses maintain temperature on earth. Excess presence of these gasses causes Global

21-There will be better yield if we grow different plants in the field by attracting more insects.

22- Waste materials produce methane gas.

23-Shele explained about fluorine in 1771. In 1886 Maizen separated fluorine element from its ore.

24-Presence of solid particles and liquid droplets present in air are called particulate matter (aerosols).

25- Substances that are broken by down by biological process are said to be biodegradable.

26-The three “R”s are Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

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