Biology-Important One Liners-September 30, 2017

Aedes mosquito

  Biology-Important One Liners-September 30, 2017 1- Hansen’s disease is also known as Leprosy. 2- The systolic and diastolic pressure in a healthy man is 120mm & 80mm 3- A person feel fatigued due to deposition of Lactic Acid acid in their muscles    4- The Uppermost layer of skin is called  Epidermis 5- Blood group … Read more

Agriculture-Entomology- One Liners- September 29, 2017

Lantana bug

Agriculture-Entomology- One-Liners- September 29, 2017 1-Pheromones are also known as Ectohomones. 2- The first edition of Systema nature was published in 1735. 3-Serious pest of wheat is Termite   4-Light trap is used for controlling Positively phototropic insects 5-H.S. Pruthi was the first plant protection advisor of Government of India 6-The term Pest management was … Read more

Agriculture- Animal Life-One Liner-Sept 28, 2017


Agriculture- Animal Life-One Liner-Sept 28, 2017 1- Oxytocin hormone responsible for Let-down of milk. 2- India’s 19th animal census happened in 2012. 3- Adrenaline hormone is responsible for holding up of milk. 4-Animal welfare Board of India is situated in Chenna. 5-Fat percent intoned milk is approximately 3%. 6-Saanen goat breed is a native of … Read more

Agriculture- Important One Liner-Sept 27, 2017

national institute of rural development hyderabad

Agriculture- Important One Liner-Sept 27, 2017   1-Indian Institute of soil and water conservation is situated in Dehradun. 2- International Union of soil science was founded in 1924 (Australia) 3-Father of soil science is V.V. Dokuchaev 4-Central soil salinity Research Institute is situated in Karnal (Haryana) 5-International potash of Institute is situated in Switzerland (1952) … Read more

Agriculture- Important One Liners- Sept 26, 2017

Shifting agriculture

Agriculture- Important One-Liners- Sept 26, 2017 1-The iron and steel industry is generally located near the coal mines. 2-The fuel that launched the Industrial Revolution is Coal. 3-About 90% of the Earth’s people live on 10 % of the land 4-Bangladesh is considered the most densely populated country 5-Areas with extreme Climates tend to be … Read more

GK/General Awareness/G-Studies-One Liner- Sept 25, 2017

General Awareness-One Liner- Sept 25, 2017 1-Mahim Bora, an Indian writer, and educationist hails from Assam 2-IOM stands for International Organization for Migration 3-Water metro project is in Kochi 4-Desert Eagle is a joint exercise between India and UAE 5-The seventh and final member of IRNSS constellation is IRNSS-1G 6-City compost brand ambassador is Amitabh … Read more

GK/General Awareness/G-Studies-One Liner-Sept 24, 2017

Virat Kohli

General Awareness-One Liner-Sept 24, 2017 1-As Per UNCTAD Investment Report India Ranks 10th in FDI 2-Koyana Dam is in Maharashtra 3- The Narmada originates from Amarkantak plateau 4-India’s first small bank located in Jalandhar 5-National Automated Clearing House (NACH)-It is a centralized clearing system launched by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) 6-Microfinance Institutions … Read more

GK/General Awareness/G-Studies-One Liner-Sept 23, 2017

Footballer Cristiano Ronaldo

General Awareness-One Liner-Sept 23, 2017 1-Rajasthan has become the first state to approve sewage & wastewater policy 2-Rio Olympics Indian contingent was sponsored by Amul 3- Head Quarter of New Development Bank is located in Shanghai 4-Amitabh Kant Committee is associated with Committee for E-Commerce 5-Uttar Pradesh Govt has announced Rani Lakshmi Bai Award for … Read more

GK/General Awareness/G-Studies-One Liner- Sept 22, 2017

Actor turned BJP leader Shatrughan Sinha

General Awareness-Sept 22, 2017 1-Blackbuck National Park is in Velavadar Gujarat 2- 24th October is celebrated as United Nations Day 3-First talking ATM is Union Bank of India has been launched in Vastrapur, Ahmedabad, Gujarat on 6 June 2012 for the visually and physically challenged people. 4-Devendra Jhajharia is related to sports Javelin throw 5-Committee … Read more

GK/General Awareness/G-Studies-One Liner- Sept 21, 2017

Valmiki National park in Bihar

General Awareness-Sept 21, 2017 1-CRY organization – Child Rights and You 2-Section-122 relates to GST 3-Amritsar is known as the golden city of India 4-Mother Absolute Affection brand ambassador is Madhuri Dixit 5- Valmiki National park is in Bihar 6- The theme of Worlds Diabetes day 2016 is Eyes on Diabetes 7-One Rupee Note bears … Read more