Biology- Fathers in Biology

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Fathers in Biology




Father of Indian Taxonomy = Henry Santapau


Father of modern Genetics = Bateson


Father of Mutation = Hugo De vries


Father of Genetics = Johann Gregor Mendel (1822 − 1884)


Father of Genetics Engineering = Paul Berg


Father of Human Genetics = Arachibald Garrod


Father of Medicine = Hippocrates


Father of Blood Group = Landsteiner


Father of Immunology = Edward Jenner


Father of Evolutionary Theory = Empedocles


Father of Indian Mycology = E J Butler


Father of Comparative anatomy = Georges Cuvier


Father of Eugenics = Francis Galton


Father of Modern Paleontology = Georges Cuvier


Father of Experimental Physiology = Galen


Father of Modern anatomy = Andreas Vesalius


Father of Botany = Theophrastus


Father of Taxonomy = Carolus Linnaeus


Father of paleontology = Leonard devinci


Father of Modern Cytology = Cart P. Swanson


Father of Biology = Aristotle


Father of Modern Biology = Linnaeus


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