Biology -Important One Liners For Exams

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1-The father of Binomial nomenclature of organisms is Carolus Linnaeus
2-Cattle are capable of digesting cellulose present in the grass and/or fodder that they eat. This ability is attribute to the presence of cellulose digesting bacteria in the rumen
3-Brachymeiosis is associated with failure of meiosis-ll to occur after meiosis-l.
4-The unit structure of genes is made up of DNA
5-The improper function of Thyroid gland in the condition ‘Myxedema’ in human beings.
6-The release of pancreatic juice from the pancreas in a mammal is stimulated by secretin hormone
7-The main thinking part of the brain is forebrain .
8-Otolith found in the inner ear of man is chemically calcium carbonate
9-The first geological time scale was developed by Giovani Arduina
10-The characteristic odour of garlic is due to a sulphur compound
11-Calcium and Dipicolinic acid are responsible for the resistant nature of bacterial endospores.
12-Eating of raw fish can cause deficiency of vitamin B.
13-Armadillo animal is used to prepare the vaccine against mycobacterium leprae.
14-Vitamin K vitamin is necessary for blood clotting
15-Cancer is more common in older people because they have accumulated more mutations.
16-Tryptophan is the rarest amino acid in nature.
17-The classification of Engler and Prantl is one which is based on common evolutionary descent
18-Thymus gland is endocrine glands,that temporary lasts only for a limited period.
19-Seed hairs parts is used to obtain the purest form of cellulose from plants.
20-Amnion extra-embryonic membranes acts as a protective aquarium for the developing embryos
21-Prophase I phase is the longest phase in the meiotic cell division
22-The beverage ‘coconut milk’ of green coconut is the liquid endosperm
23-Antigens are present on the cell surface
24- The pH of fresh milk is 6. When it turn sour, the pH remain the same, i.e 6
25-Basophil is the rarest type of WBC in the human blood.
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