Biology- Important vitamins/nutrients

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Biology- Important vitamins/nutrients




Foods- Sources of Important vitamins/nutrients

Foods rich in Protein: Meat, eggs, nuts.

Iron: It is found in tomatoes, liver and kidneys.

It is a part of haemoglobin in RBC.

It prevents anaemia (tiredness, headaches).

Phosphorous: It is found in many foods; It is also important for bones and teeth.

Iodine: It is found in sea food, and drinking water.

It helps to prevent goitre.

Calcium: It is found in Milk, cheese, mineral water;

It is used for growth and repair of bone and cartilage tissue.

It prevents rickets; malformed bones.

Sodium: It is found in salt.It prevents cramps.

Vitamin A: It is found in liver and carrots.

It prevents night blindness (exophthalmia).

Vitamin D: It is found in fish liver oil. The vitamin prevents rickets.

Vitamin E: It is found in milk, egg yolk, lettuce. The Vitamin prevents sterility.

Vitamin K: This vitamin is found in cabbage, spinach, fish liver. This vitamin is important for blood coagulation.

Water Soluble Vitamins: Examples are Vitamins B1, B2, B6, C.

Fat soluble Vitamins: Examples are Vitamins A, D, E, K.

Vitamin B1: It is found in Pork, eggs, leafy green vegetables. The Vitamin prevents beriberi (weakness, partial paralysis, irregular heartbeat)

Vitamin B2: It is found in liver, milk, dark green vegetables. The vitamin prevents Skin lesions.

Niacin (B6): It is found in liver, poultry, canned tuna. The vitamin prevents pellagra (metal confusion, diarrhoea)

Vitamin C: It is found in citrus fruit. The vitamin prevents Scurvy (bleeding gums).

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