General Awareness for various competitive examinations

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General Awareness for various competitive examinations

Welcome to GK Section.

We know the importance of Current Affairs mainly general awareness, GK (General Knowledge) in various competitive exams for aspirants.

We are publishing general awareness notes, bits and study material daily.

These notes are extremely useful for all types of exams including Bank Exams.

General Awareness bits help in the last minute preparation for various exams.

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1-Survey of India prepares the topographical maps of India.

2- The highest waterfall of India is in the state of Karnataka.

3-The most ideal region for the cultivation of coffee in India is the Deccan Plateau.

4-Dr. Rajendra Prasad was elected as the first President of India by Constituent Assembly.

5-Jawaharlal Nehru proposed the Preamble before the drafting committee of the Constitution.

6-The Government of India Act, 1935 was based on Simon Commission.

7-Finance Commission is constituted by the president of India to advise on the decision of Central Resources between the centre and the state.

8-A writ is issued by a High Court.

9-Justice M. Hidayatulla of India had the opportunity to act as President of India.

10-The National Development Council includes Chief Ministers of all the States.

11-The first oil refinery in India was set up at Digboi.

12- Nellore is called the ‘shrimp capital of India.

13-India lies in the northern and eastern hemisphere.

14-Typhoons are common in the Seas of China and Japan.

15- Mrs. Sarojini Naidu was the first Woman Governor of a State in free India.

16-Cabinet system’ and Collective responsibility are the contributions of Britain.

17-Mudumalai Wild-1ife Sanctuary is located in the State of Tamil Nadu.

18- Nepanagar in Madhya Pradesh has a newsprint factory.

19-Ambala is located on the Water divide between the Indus and the Ganges river systems.

20-Bengaluru is called as ‘Silicon Valley’ of India.

21-Godavari river of India is called Vridha Ganga.

22-Chief the Indian Navy has the rank of Admiral.

23-INS ‘Virat’ serves the Indian Navy. It is a Aircraft carrier.

24-Part III of the Indian Constitution deals with ‘Fundamental Rights’.

25-N. Sanjeeva Reddy was the President of India during Janata Party regime. 

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