Geography-One Liners-August 20, 2017

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Geography-One Liners

1-Waterways is the cheapest mode of transport.

2-North-South Corridor connects Srinagar-Kanyakumari.

3-Kolkata is located on the bank of the river Hooghly.

4-The Golden Quadrilateral connects Delhi-Mumbai, Chennai-Kolkata, and Mumbai-Chennai.

5-The word ‘Prairie’ derived from Latin.

6-The Satellites are helping in Survey of Forest, Oil Exploration and Mineral Distribution.

7-Transhumance means seasonal movement.

8-Metal Roads means Pucca.

9-Peshawar is situated in Khyber Pass.

10-Primitive humans used first time the stone tools.

Primitive humans
Primitive humans

11-Falling of Sea water is called Low Tide.

12-Raising and falling of ocean water at a regular interval is called Tides.

13-Rainfall can be measured by Rain Gauge.

14-‘Deciduous Forest’ means -Shed their leaves.

15-People move from one place to another in search of food is called Nomadic.

16-Savanna Grasslands are located in Africa.

17-Indian Agriculture depends on Monsoons.

18-High Temperature on ocean water leads Evaporation.

19- 71% above of earth is covered with water.

20- Huge amount of ice in moving state is called Glacier.


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