Geography-One Liners- August 21, 2017

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Geography-One Liners

1-Mode of Transport i.e Ship is most suitable to reach an island.

2-Bengal Tiger is found in Sunderban Deltas.

Bengal Tiger
Bengal Tiger

3-The Trans-Siberian Railway is the longest Railway Line connecting Moscow to the Sea of Japan.

4-Unmetal Roads means Kutcha.

5-Tides help us in navigation.August

6-Warm Currents generally move from the Equator.

7-The difference in air pressure causes air movement which is known as the Wind.

8-Downs grasslands are located in Australia.

9-Freely moving winds on oceans cause the formation of big ripples which are known as the Waves.

10-The top most layer of the atmosphere is Troposphere.

11-World Environment Day is celebrated on June 5th.

12-Oxygen is the second highest percentage of gas present in the atmosphere.

13-Carbon dioxide is present in the atmosphere to the extent of 0.03%

14-Tsunami is a Japanese word.

15-Examples of solid pollutants are Dust, lead, tailing mercury.

16-The air pressure can be measured by Baramoter.

17-Densest layer of atmosphere is Troposphere.

18- Aerosol is a particulate matter that is often considered a gaseous pollutant.


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