History of India quiz-2022

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History of India quiz-2022

Students trying to appear in many exams can check their knowledge while going thorough the questions.

Quiz On Indian History plays a key role for various competitive exams like IAS, State Public Service Commission, SSC and other similar competitive exams.

1- Which literature was composed by 473 poets, some 102 anonymous?

2- Champa was the capital of one of the following Mahajanapadas in Ancient India?

A. Anga

B. Magadha

C. Vajji

D. Kasi

3- Who was a revered Indian sage of Hinduism?

4- Who are the celebrated authors of hymns 1.165 to 1.191 in the Sanskrit text Rigveda and other Vedic literature?

5- What is ‘The Varaha Purana’?

6- What is ‘The Linga Purana’?

7- What does ‘The Varaha Purana’ includes?

8-The Bhagavata Purana is also known as?

9- Who is Narada or Narad Muni?

10- Who is Damayanti?

History of India quiz

11- Who is Shri-Harsha?

12- Who is Kalidasa?

13- Who are ‘The Pandavas’?

14- Who is Dhritarashtra?

15- Who is Duhshala?, also spelt as Dushala or Dussala.

16- Who is Abhimanyu?

17- Who is Subhadra?

18- Who is Draupadi?

19- Who is Duryodhana?

History of India quiz

20- Who is Gandhari?

21-Who is Shakuni?

22-When was Shakuni killed, and by whom?

23- Who is Shakuntala?

24- Who retained the title of Rajarshi or ‘royal sage’?

25- The Kanva Dynasty or Kanvayana ruled from?


History of India quiz

1- The Sangam

2- Anga

3- Sage Agastya

4-Agastya and his wife Lopamudra

5- It is a Sanskrit word from the Puranas genre of literature in Hinduism.

6- One of the eighteen Mahapuranas is Longa Purana. It is a Hinduism Shaivism text. The term Linga relates to Shiva’s iconography.

History of India quiz

7- It involves mythology, particularly the Varaha avatar of Vishnu who saves the earth amid a tremendous flood.

8- It is also referred to as the Srimad Bhagavatam, the Srimad Bhagavata Mahapurana, or simply Bhagavata. Bhagavata Purana is one of the eighteen main Puranas of Hinduism (Mahapuranas)

9- Narada is a god-sage and one of Brahma’s mind-created progeny. He is well-known in Hindu traditions as a wandering musician and storyteller.

10- Damayanti was a princess of the Vidarbha Kingdom who married King Nala of the Nishadha Kingdom. She was the daughter of Bhima (not the Pandava).

11- Srihara is an Indian philosopher and poet who lived in the 12th century. Śrīharṣa was the son of Śrīhira and Mamalladevī.

History of India quiz

12- Kalidasa is a Sanskrit author who wrote in Classical Sanskrit. He is widely regarded as the finest writer and dramatist of ancient India.

13- They are Yudhishthira, Bhima, Arjuna, Nakula, and Sahadeva, the five brothers. The Pandavas are Pandu’s five recognised sons.

14- Dhritarashtra is the Kuru Kingdom’s temporary ruler, and Hastinapur is its capital. Ambika, Vichitravirya’s first wife, gave birth to Dhritarashtra, who was born blind.

15-Dushala is Hastinapur’s Princess. She is King Dhritarashtra’s and Queen Gandhari’s only child. In the Hindu epic Mahabharata, she was the sister of the Kauravas.

16-Abhimanyu is a heroic warrior from the Mahabharata, an ancient Hindu epic. Arjuna, the third Pandava prince, and Subhadra, the Yadava princess, gave birth to Abhimanyu.

History of India quiz

17-Subhadra is Vasudeva’s favoured child and the younger sister of the gods Krishna and Balarama.

18- Draupadi was the common wife of the Pandava brothers—Yudhishthira, Bhima, Arjuna, Nakula, and Sahadeva.

19- In the Hindu epic Mahabharata, the primary adversary is Duryodhana. Duryodhana was the eldest of the Kauravas, and he was also known as Suyodhana.

20-Gandhari was a Gandharan princess. She was the wife of Hastinapura’s blind king, Dhritrashtra.

21- Shakuni was Gandhari’s brother and the Kauravas’ maternal uncle.

22- During the Kurukshetra War, the youngest Pandava, Sahadeva, assassinated Shakuni.

23- Shakuntala is Dushyanta’s wife and Emperor Bharata’s mother.

24-Brahmarishi Vishvamitra.

25- 75 BCE to 30 BCE.

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