History – Satavahana dynasty

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History –

Satavahana dynasty


1-The Satavahanas were an ancient Indian dynasty based in the Deccan region.

2-The Satavahana kingdom mainly comprised the present-day Telangana, Andhra Pradesh and Maharashtra.

3- The dynasty had different capital cities at different times, including Pratishthana (Paithan) and Amaravati (Dharanikota).

4-The dynasty reached its zenith under the rule of Gautamiputra Satakarni and his successor Vasisthiputra Pulamavi.

5-The Satavahanas were early issuers of Indian state coinage struck with images of their rulers.

6- The Satavahanas supported Brahmanism as well as Buddhism, and patronised Prakrit language instead of Sanskrit.

7-Andhra Pradesh, Maharashtra, Karnataka and Telangana being variously claimed as the original homeland of the Satavahanas.

8-Satavahanas originally claimed association with the legendary solar dynasty.

9-Several rulers of the dynasty bear the name or title “Satakarni”. Satavahana, Satakarni, Satakani and Shalivahana.

10-Damodar Dharmanand Kosambi theorized that the word “Satakarni” is derived from the Munda words sada (“horse”) and kon (“son”).

11-The Puranas use the name “Andhra” or “Andhra-Bhritya” for the Satavahanas.

12-At Kotilingala in Telangana, coins bearing the legend “Rano Siri Chimuka Satavahanasa” were found.

13-Epigraphist and numismastist P. V. P. Sastry initially identified Chimuka with the dynasty’s founder Simuka.

14-Coins attributed to Simuka’s successors Kanha and Satakarni I were also discovered at Kotilingla.

15-Historians such as D. R. Reddy, S. Reddy and Shankar R. Goyal theorized that Kotlingala was the original home of the Satavahanas.

16-An inscription found at Pandav Leni (Nashik) was issued during the reign of Kanha.

17- An inscription found at Naneghat was issued by Nayanika (or Naganika), the widow of Satakarni I.

18-C. Margabandhu theorized that the Satavahanas were called Andhras because they were natives of eastern Deccan (the Andhra region)

19-V. S. Sukthankar theorized that the territorial division Satavahani-Satahani (Satavahanihara or Satahani-rattha), in present-day Bellary district, was the homeland of the Satavahana family

20-Simuka is mentioned as the first king in a list of royals in a Satavahana inscription at Naneghat.

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