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Quiz on Health-Latest-September 9, 2023


  1. What is the correlation between cyberbullying and eating disorder symptoms according to a study?
  2. How does the new AI tool help people with Parkinson’s disease?
  3. How many taps of a finger does the AI tool for Parkinson’s require?
  4. What new device have US engineers developed related to dental health?
  5. What severe health problems can periodontal diseases lead to?
  6. What is the earliest form of gum disease?
  7. Why were some Chinese games banned in India?
  8. Who developed the game Battlegrounds Mobile India?
  9. What advisory did Drug Controller General of India issue about Digene Gel?
  10. What difference was found in two bottles of Digene Gel mint flavour from the same batch?
  11. Why are females more resilient to kidney disease and injury than males?
  12. Which hormone was linked to resilience against kidney diseases in a mice study?
  13. What method helps in early detection of autism risk in toddlers?
  14. What behavior predicts autism in children according to the JAMA studies?
  15. Why has a former executive of Goldman Sachs sued the bank?
  16. How many active cases of dengue have been detected in Bihar?
  17. Which district in Bihar has reported the highest dengue cases?
  18. What health priorities has India identified under its G20 presidency according to WHO’s Regional Director?
  19. How contagious is the Omicron sub variant BA.2.86 according to new US studies?
  20. What percentage of Indian families have faced unknown side effects from medicines?
  21. What disease did the 57-year-old man suffer from before undergoing a lung transplant at Global Hospital?
  22. How long did the lung transplant surgery at Global Hospital last?
  23. What unusual side effect did a six-month-old baby boy from Thailand experience after a Covid-19 antiviral treatment?


  1. Cyberbullying is associated with a higher risk of experiencing eating disorder symptoms in 10-14 years old.
  2. The AI tool helps people with Parkinson’s disease remotely assess the severity of their symptoms.
  3. The AI tool requires 10 taps of the finger.
  4. US engineers developed a device that warns consumers about early risks of tooth decay.
  5. Periodontal diseases can lead to heart disease, tooth loss, stroke, and other major diseases.
  6. Gingivitis.
  7. They were banned over national security reasons.
  8. South Korean video game developer Krafton.
  9. An advisory to discontinue the use of antacid Digene Gel manufactured by Abbott India.
  10. One bottle was of regular taste (sweet) and light pink color, while another was white with a bitter taste and pungent odor.
  11. Testosterone, a male sex hormone, plays a role.
  12. Testosterone.
  13. Tracking eye movements.
  14. Measuring children’s looking behavior.
  15. He claimed a “dysfunctional” workplace culture and “working excessive hours” caused “mental health” issues.
  16. 325 active cases.
  17. Bhagalpur district.
  18. Strengthen the global health infrastructure, deliver health, and provide universal health coverage.
  19. It is less contagious and immune evasive.
  20. 52 per cent.
  21. Interstitial lung disease.
  22. 12 hours.
  23. His eyes turned an unusual shade of blue.

Quiz on Health-Latest-July 31, 2023

What health benefits were associated with daily strawberry consumption in the study? Answer: Improved cognitive function, lower blood pressure, and higher antioxidant capacity.

How did US doctors use brain implants and AI to help a quadriplegic man? Answer: They used brain implants and AI to restore the sense of touch and movement.

What effect can low fibre intake during pregnancy have on baby’s brain development? Answer: It may delay the development in baby’s brains.

Which nutrients are often consumed in too small amounts during pregnancy? Answer: Dietary fibre, vitamin C, and folic acid.

What diseases have been on the rise in the National Capital Region due to unusual rains? Answer: Hepatitis A and E, and eye flu.

What is the goal of Somali health authorities and the WHO regarding viral hepatitis? Answer: To eliminate viral hepatitis in the country by 2030.

In which region of Ethiopia has the cholera outbreak spread to, as disclosed by the WHO? Answer: The Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples’ Region (SNNP Region).

What fellowship programme has been announced by the Vattikuti Foundation in India? Answer: The 2023 Fellowship programme for surgeons with super-specialist qualifications.

How did a team of doctors overcome ABO incompatibility in a liver transplant procedure? Answer: Willing donors exchanged organs to match the blood groups of the recipients.

What does the wearable ultrasound device designed by a team of researchers aim to detect? Answer: Tumours when they are still in early stages.

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