History- Important One Liners- Sept 2, 2017

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History- Important One Liners


1-Portuguese East India Company, headquartered at Cochin, later Goa was founded in 1498.


2-French East India Company, headquartered at Surat, later Pondicherry was founded in 1664.


3-Dutch East India Company, headquartered at Pulicat, later NagapattinamHugli was founded in 1602.


4-English East India Company,  headquartered at Surat, later Bombay, Masulipattnam, later Madras and finally Calcutta was founded in 1600.


5-Vasco Da Gama reached Calicut in 1498 and he found the Cape of Good Hope route from Europe to India.


6-Vasco Da Gama was received by the Hindu ruler of Calicut Zamorin.


7-Cochin was the first capital of Portuguese in India, but later Goa replaced it.


8-The first governor of Portuguese in India was Francisco de Almeida and he was well known for the introduction of a policy of Blue Water.


9-The second governor of Portuguese in India was Alfonso d’ Albuquerque in 1509.The policy of Imperialism was introduced by him.


10-For 7 decades, Anglo-Dutch rivalry lasted and it led to defeat of Dutch in 1759 in the Battle of Bedara.


11-Captain William Hawkins sought permission from the royal court of Jahangir to open a factory at Surat.


12- Jahangir issued a Farman permitting the setting up of a factory at Surat in 1612.


13-Sir Thomas Roe was an ambassador of James I to Jahangir’s court when he arrived India in 1615.

Sir Thomas Roe
Sir Thomas Roe

14-Pondicherry was founded by Francois Martin in 1673 and he was the Ist governor of the French headquarters in India. 


15-Under Nizam’s dominion, the Carnatic region came.


16-The Treaty of Purandhar was signed in 1665.


17-Shivaji, born at Shivner Fort in 1627 was the son Shahji Bhonsle and Jijabai.


18-The Marathas rose to power under the influence of Shivaji.


19-In 1674, Shivaji assumed the title of Chatrapathi.


20-Shivaji had a council of ministers called Asthapradhan.

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