Polity One-Liners for various competitive examination

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Polity One-Liners for various competitive examination

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Here are some important Polity one-liners for students competing for various exams


Watch some of the important Polity Bits below.

1-The Backward Class Commission was appointed in 1953 with Kaka Kalelkar as the Chairman.

2-Legislative Councils in States covered in article 169.

3-Article 51A Specifies Fundamental Duties.

4-Article 81 specifies the number of seats for the Lok Sabha.

5-Article 80 Specifies the number of seats for the Rajya Sabha.

6-The Inter-State Council was established in 1990 in pursuance of the recommendation made by the Sarkaria Commission (1983-87).

7-Repatriation: It is the sending back of someone to his country of origin such as an illegal immigrant or a prisoner of war.

8-The 81st Constitutional Amendment Act 2000 protect SC / ST reservation in the filling backlog of vacancies.

9-The 37th constitutional Amendment Act (1975): Formation of Arunachal Pradesh legislative assembly.

10-The 36th constitutional Amendment Act (1975): Formation of Sikkim as a State within the Indian Union.

11-The states of Manipur, Tripura, and Meghalaya were formed in the year 1972.

12-Adjournment Sine die means termination of a sitting of the House without any definite date being fixed for the next sitting.

13-Adjournment of the sitting of the House means termination of the sitting of the House which meets again at the time appointed for the next sitting.

14-Highest Law officer of India is Attorney General and Highest Law officer of a State in India is Advocate General.

15-Article 164 says The Council of Ministers shall be collectively responsible to the Legislative Assembly of the State.

16Pro-tem speaker is mainly an operating and temporary speaker.

Pro-tem speaker is chosen with the agreement of the members of the Lok Sabha and legislative assembly so that he can carry on the activities till the permanent speaker is not chosen.

17-The idea of Republic and the ideals of liberty, equality, and fraternity as laid down in the preamble to the constitution of India have been borrowed from the French constitution.

18-Part III of the Constitution contains Fundamental Rights (Article 12 to 35).

19-Sardar Swaran Singh Committee is formed in 1976bto make recommendations about fundamental duties, the need, and necessity of which was felt during the operation of the internal emergency (1975-1977).

20-The law which aims at protecting the monuments, places and objects of national importance is the Ancient and Historical Monument and Archaeological Sites and Remains Act (1951).

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